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Newbie VTR250 questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Hydrogen 1.0079, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Just to introduce myself and say thanks to the site and members for supplying such great information.

    I live on the Gold Coast and currently ride a 50cc scooter that has been modified with a pipe, malosi kit and bored out to 70cc. It does about 85km/h and i love it, however, i am thinking of upgrading to a 250cc bike. I just find myself regularly in situations that i feel the extra power would make my time on the road much safer, mostly to pull out of dangerous situations and get away from some of the lunatics out there.

    I ride my scooter to work every day, rain, hail or shine and thats what i will be doing on the bike as well. Distance is about 15 mins.

    I have read loads of posts on here, awsome info.

    I am about 6 foot 2 inches tall and weight is about 100kg, maybe slightly less.

    I should also add that i do NOT have a learners permit or any experience or training on a geared bike, however, i can drive a manual vehicle and have riden quad bike on farms but with no clutch. I am very comfortable in the traffic on my scooter and think i could master a regular bike no problems.

    I do intend to get my learners (5 questions i am told) and do the Qride course before getting on the road on a bigger bike.

    I have essentially decided that a Honda VTR250 is what i should bye. But is it.................?

    Questions are:

    Please confirm this bike is sutable for a guy my height?

    Do you think i should get a 400cc or 600cc instead of this bike. I have been told it is better to go get your full license and get the bigger bike rather than do time on the 250cc?

    And, seeing that 250cc bikes seem to hold there value because of the restrictions, would i pick up a 400 or 600cc for a similar price. Guess what i am saying is do the bigger bikes represent better value?

    If this is the case, what 400 or 600cc should i get? I like the naked style.

    That will do for a start, plenty more questions where they came from...............thanks in advance.
  2. Bigger bikes sure do represent better buying. You'd be far better off to do qride IMO. 250's don't seem to hold their value in qld, especially compared to Vic, where there are no alternatives (such as qride and lams) to them.

    I'd be going for a Honda CB400f, will suit your height, easy to ride, not enough power to frighten the pants off you, but more than enough to feel like a rocketship after your scoot.

    A vtr250 will be okay (a little cramped for your height), there aren't many 250 suited to taller riders, this si one of the better ones.

    You'll keep a bigger bike for longer, so factor that into your decision.
  3. mate i love my lil vtr to death, but im about 6'1 and 80 kilos. riding position is fine, but your weight might be a problem (im not suggesting going to jenny craig :LOL: ). i feel way too heavy on the thing. i'd take a look at the GS500. they a good bike, parralel twin, proven and reliable (ie they have been on the market for yonks). im geussing they dont have lams in qld?

    good luck with it mate.

  4. aye, love my little VTR, but i'm below 6" lol... My mate is over 6 foot and he feels very comfortable on a GS500, moreso than on a VTR250. I reckon you should head down to a bike dealer and sit on a few bikes, just to get sizing.

    The GS500 is available in a naked version ;)
  5. Sizewise, I'm 6'4" and the VTR's fairly comfortable.

    Would like a little more legroom, but as others have said, only the (imported) Honda Hornet 250, the Kawasaki ZZR250 and Honda VTR250 are about the (physically) biggest 250s you can get.

    Next stop, the Triumph "you must be THIS tall to ride" Tiger, for me. ;)
  6. Best bike evar! :grin:
  7. I'd highly recommend a mid size bike. It'll last you a lot longer. I did Qride and got a CBR600f. 18 months later no regrets. Enough power to get me out of trouble, not enough to get into trouble. In naked styles, the new CB600f looks horn. Also ER-6n, SV650 and FZ6-n are worth a look.
  8. For the 250s VTR is a great choice.
    I am 6'2" and couldnt fit on the other popular bikes so went for the vtr.
    But I would recommend looking at the slightly larger bikes as they will last you longer.
  9. Don't forget ZZR/GPX are great learner bikes too.
  10. Jenny Craig - cheeky monkey :p, i should clarify that i am not a porker..............muscle weighs so much more than fat, that's all it is.

    On a serious note, thanks for the advise, i will do some more research into the larger bikes that you have suggested.

    I did intend to buy a VTR250 brand new, so, maybe for that sort of money i could get a decent larger bike?

    Looks like i have loads more research and reading to do..............

    Cammo, is that correct that 250's dont hold there value up here in Qld?

    And further to that, does that apply to other second hand bike prices up here?

    Once again, thanks everyone for your help.