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Newbie trying to make newbie friends lol

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ucanttme, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Hey all, just wondering if any of you guys dwell in the Hornsby area? just seen a few club kinda things meeting at the local petrol stations in my area (esp berowra mobil) and just wondering if anyone around here is in with all that? lol i just dont have alot of friends i could ride with when the licence comes and would love to make some! cheers guys, ride safe.

  2. PM Sent.

    But it's one of the main meeting point for all clubs for any rides heading north :)
  3. :wink:

    pete the freak is also..
  4. Hi ucanttme .
    Im new to netrider and riding i havn't meet any of the sydney guys yet but there is a few in our shoes, im sure we can meet up and do small rides ,as im still on my L's don't know any other riders.
    So if you want PM me if you want to meet up.
  5. I declare that i will be your friend! :) haha

    welcome bud, i'm gonna move back down to sydney from newcastle in about 1.5months and will be looking for newbies to ride with also!
  6. That's it! Newcastle meet is needed!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Wouldn't mind catching up with a few folks on their L plates here as well. I am in Alexandria
  8. hey guys,

    How about we make a day for the sydney noobs to meet up one weekend for a mini cruise (L Platers only) <--Just kidding!. But a mini cruise say along the bells line of roads can do us justice. What do you guys reckon. *war voice* Whos with me!!
  9. That sounds awsome man! only delay on my behalf is that the stupid training centres are all booked out so i can only get my L's earliest on the 27th of feb, but dont lemme hold anyone back lol but it could happen more than once? ride safe.
  10. Im in just ,tell me the time and place .

    ucanttme and antkleve

    see my post in ride section ,{syd}where and when .
  11. BTW, im about 17 and i keep getting told im a f&$*%^# moron for getting a motorbike, Any advice on how to deal with such " your gonna die your so young" dramas?
  12. I got the same sh*t from my non-riding mates. My best mate
    went ballistic on me bc his brother-in-law has gone down numerous
    times in the last 10yrs

    What can I say?

    I appreciate my mates concerns but I'm going to do what I gotta
    do bro. Aint no holdin dis ***** back :grin:

    After awhile the criticism dies down..
  13. Yeah, every time someone is killed or injured in a car accident, or as a pedestrian, cut the news out of the paper, photocopy as many as you need and stick them to fridges, monitors, any obvious surface!
  14. AHAHAHA yeah that'd go down well, then it would turn into " you see the kinda of nuts out there! and your on a motorbike?!?!" i personally think starting on bikes at my ages is a good thing, is that so wrong? :S
  15. Next time your mates say anything.

    You tell them ,net time they play netball ,you will be there to support them.
  16. Yes, I'll be in. Only thing is that I can't make it on Sundays, otherwise any other day will be fine.
  17. Awsome man, well we'll work it out at a later date, im sure it'll be cool, where bouts you got in mind?
  18. just to let you all know, netriders meet-ups etc tend to be more victoria based, and ocau.mc meet ups tend to be brissie based. the club i have found for sydney is http://www.oroadsports.com/index.php they hold regular runs in sydney for anyone thats interested. hope to see you all at one of them :)