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Newbie to Netrider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mattss, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone

    Just joined today and thought id introduce myself to the netrider members

    name is Matt and i live in Canberra ACT- im 22 years old and have been riding dirt bikes road bikes on and off since about the age of 14.

    I currently have a Suzuki RM 250 2001 model and "old faithful" TS185 which has been hanging around in my shed for about 5-6 years. TS doesnt get ridden much but is always a sure thing of firing up.

    I also want to sell both of these bikes and will be placing an add in the for sale section so you can look at that there.

    i havent done a real lot of riding in the last 12 months as there is not many places in Canberra for Motocross bikes and i also started a new job which involves me working on the weekends- but am keen to get back on the bikes - maybe registered ones this time though

    anyway feel free to drop me a line and say gday

    cheers matt :grin:
  2. hey matt and welcome mate :) I had a ts185, actually i had 2 of them at my brothers. He is on acreage and lots of bushland near him, great little bikes and heaps of fun!
  3. Welcome mattss :beer:
  4. Welcome to the nut house!
  5. Welcome Mattss

    Enjoy your stay in the asylum :tantrum:
  6. Another ACT rider, welcome, mate. There was a thread just a couple of days ago looking to get ACT Netriders together, you should contact Lurch-o-Rama and some of the boys.....
  7. welcome to the forums.. :grin:
  8. have fun mattss
  9. yep welcome, hehe the ole TS185..
  10. Welcome to the family! :grin: :grin:
  11. Hi and welcome! :grin:
  12. Welcome mate, Everyones really nice here!
  13. thanks for the welcome

    thanks for the welcome people, looks like a pretty good site with everything that a rider would need.

    think i want to get a road bike soon- maybe an R6 or GSXR that would be nice!!

    Check out the Suzuki bikes i have for sale in For Sale section to help me get on my way to a road bike sooner hehe!!