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Newbie to Netrider---->Cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bass_player, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    After much deliberation I have finally decided to get back out on the road. About two years ago I was nearly cleaned up by a motorist speeding through a red light. Idiot came within about a metre of me. Put the wind up me enough to sell the bike (GPX250) and not complete the advanced Rider Safe course, thus not getting my P's. Lately though I've been getting the itch again and have finally booked to get my licence (again). I am very interested in getting a cruiser this time round as the GPX250 was not the most confortable thing to ride and I like the idea of sitting in a normal position rather than being hunched over a tank. I am thinking of either getting a V25 for now or getting a good old Postie bike (CT110) until I am off my P's (easier to pass the advanced course!) and then get something a bit bigger once I'm off my restricted licence. Would I be better of getting the V25 soonish or save the cash and get a bigger cruiser when I'm unrestricted? What sort of bigger cruiser would anyone recommend?


  2. Its better to get used to bike handling and the power, I think if jump to big bike straight away the power could be a big issue.

    By the way, which state are you from? If from NSW then would be another story.

    Also do you drive? If not, better used to the road condition and understand the driving style of cagers.
  3. Hi ScooterGal,
    I live in SA. The power of a bike isn't really an issue to me as i have been riding trail bikes for years. I know its different on the road but I won't be jumping in the deep end by buying something like a 1300cc. I am thinking along the lines of a 600cc Cruiser or similar. Riding the GPX250 for a few months gave me an idea of the driving styles of 'cagers' and it is quite scary to think how often they dont see you.....
  4. Welcome back to motorcycling,
    Save the big bucks for your dream ride imo.
    In the restriction period get a bike that will beat traffic from the standing start, something that will stop quickly and generally handle well.
    The CT110 doesn’t do any of the above, in fact I would say in traffic it will put you at great risk as you will be an obstacle for motorists and they will be for ever passing you and swerving to avoid you.
    And regardless of what you choose to ride, cagers will be always running red lights and failing to give way.
  5. Im new to bikes too and i bought a V250 cruiser as My first bike. Its like sitting on a couch and I get to where i want to go......just not if its raining. !

    Its got enough "go" in it for me at the moment. Depending who Im out with......
    Im not too tall so the low to ground and comfort was an issue and Im not into sitting on a razorblade as my boney wee ass get to sore.
    Every body rockets past me on rides but I dont mind at all. Im quite happy being at the back of the pack in a comfy seat.

    good luck