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newbie things to know

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by iamvinhy, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. might be buying my bike this wknd ..
    what are some things I need to know?

    eg. cleaning it ??
    changing oil ??

    thanks ! :D
  2. Sheesh, where to start???
    So many things to cover, but it would be a good idea to start here


    It's a very good article and will answer many questions.

    Having said that, feel free to ask more.
  3. ohh nah i meant about taking care of it :p

    im not sure at all on how to change the oil and when to change it and when to wash it etc etc ..

    any pages on that? :p

    thanks rc36
  4. I'll have to think about that one, but here goes
    If you use the bike for commuting, short trips, the oil degrades very quickly. It should be changed every 3000kms
    If you're using it for longer regulkar rides and very little commuting, then 5000kms is OK
    Major service every 10000kms
    Refer to your workshop manual for details of how to change the oil and also recommended oil for your motor.
  5. Wash it when your not riding it... (the more i ride, the less i wash it).

    Change the oil at 5000km intervals give or take a bit depending on the bike, the engine and the oil. I do oil changes at 5000km's and filter & oil changes every 10k kms.
  6. any idea what oil is best for a 92 ZX2R ??
    i dont think it'll be coming with a manual
  7. LOL... go googling; there'll be a ZX2R forum on the net somewhere; either that or start at the Kawasaki Sports Riders forum.

    2fiddy-4-pot-screamers usually like ~15w40, or personally i use 10w-50. As for the brand, take your pick; plenty out there... depends how much money your willing to pay.

    If you go full synth it'll last longer and cost you twice as much (give or take a bit), if you go semi-synth you save money and need to change it sooner. You choose.
  8. My tame mechanic endorses my oil change intervals and recommends Shell VSX4, a fully synthetic oil that is suited to high revving high-load engines.
  9. ok, thanks alot guyz :D
  10. no probs, happy to help
  11. Personally i use semi-synth oil; can't justify the extra cost if im going to change it religiously. I'll know when it needs a change... rolling up to 5000km's the gearbox will lose its normal feel; then it's down to the shops for some more oil.
  12. read through the newbies sect , then maintance and that other one as well .
    They have all the answers to every question you can think of.
    over the time of netrider these questions have been asked and answered at least 50 times .
    I am not telling you to ask questions , ask away
    but go through the archives first .

    also they have started a coffee night up in sydney , get to it , meet the blokes and ask as many questions of them as you can , they can show you on your bike which is better than over the net
  13. I personally do oil & filter every 3000km - it's cheap enough to make sure I do it regularly, and I'm keen on making my bike last. :) I'm just using regular car oil (GTX2, from memory), but as Koma said, you might want something thinner than that.

    Just for reference, my GPX manual suggests the following oil is suitable:
    Grade: SE or SF
    Viscosity: 10W40, 10W50, 20W40 or 20W50

    Guess it's not too fussy then. :)
  14. my manual said i should change oil after the first 500k's :shock: still haven't got around to it yet, will do by 1000.
  15. Your two pot banger will take any old thing... 4 pot screamers on the other hand are a little fussier. :p
  16. Actualy VERY fussy.. different brands suit different bikes... I my self use Motul in almost all bikes... but you can feel the difference if you swich brands in a 250 and some 600s as well...