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newbie thanks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by szed, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. first of all would like to thank alot of poeople from netrider for thier usefull tip on which LAMS bike to get.
    started of looking at hyosung gt250 the gt650 and comparing them to suzuki gs500 and now looks like it will be the ninja 250r, well btw those two bike.
    this saturday doing my l test well over the two days and i guess i will know by the end of the two days on which two bikes to get.

    read a lot of reviews on the 250r and all was good, it is light which alot of people think will be great for a beginner; + the look the best buit out of all of them.

    i live in melbourne western suburbs near willamstown, due to a lot of my friends not really being interested in motorcycles will be riding by myself most of the time.

    would feel alot more comfortable if there was some one on the road beside me, and to make some new friends whom i can share this new passion with, by GOD i think my g/f has bleeding ears , hahahaha.

    there is no great rush to planning a ride b/c no bike till about christmas time i think or depends how quick i can save.

    thanking in advance........ :grin: :LOL:
  2. I didn't help, but since no one else has stepped forth and claimed these free thanks yet I will.
    They are yummy and taste like chicken.
  3. :LOL: Bonkers

    How did you fare on the test szed ?
    Have you decided which bike to get?
  4. Hey mate, the forum is a great place to get a base understanding that you can build on with your own experiences!

    Being in Willi, your gonna have to get used to freeway speeds and the westgate pretty quick - though I suggest u first of all take the Footscray / Racvecourse rd route for a bit first :)

    We have a learner friendly ride every tuesday, and as long as we are still running that when u get ur bike, ur more than welcome to come along to meet some like minded bikers :)

    Did u consider buying second hand?
  5. HEy there szed,

    I live in Newport and have just got my first bike. I have not done the westgate bridge yet but have been out at night and in a little rain. Ill have more spare time to ride around xmas time as my baby will be older. So lets meet and ride too. Good luck with the test.
  6. Hi Szed,

    I am in Hoppers, not too far from you, pm me if you ever want to get out for a ride, you too zulu.
  7. hahaha tasted like chicken hmmmm???
    well guys thanks alot i am doing my test this saturday, i thought about the second hand but i would rather have a new bike for and extra grand or two.
    nervous about the test a bit. ridden a dirt bike once years a go .

    well zulu2 i live in newport heard of mason st????, hahaha i live on that st.
    im sure most people from the west have heard of that place.

    i figured i would know better once i do my test and course , which bike would better suit me, thinking gs500 or ninja250r.
  8. Okey dokey, I'm at the Maddox Street servo. What house number we
    looking for n00b? [​IMG]

  9. the number is 114, i will be waititng, hahahaha
  10. LizzyM is in Altona north and on L's and I am at her place a lot, so if you guys want some company just let us know.
  11. Now I'm confused, is it the one with the palm trees or the big tree? And what times do you go to work??? :grin:
  12. I am in yarraville so always around to go out and play. Just shout out or PM. Or get yourself down to Williamstown coffee on a monday night and say hi.
  13. hi szed mate :) hope your test goes well!

    wish there were more riders in Toowoomba/around here