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Newbie starting mid-life crisis early

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CaffeineMonster, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Hi, name's Andrew and am a complete Newbie (just got learner's today) save for many years as a pillion pirate. Q-ride on the weekend then the fun / terror begins, along with buying a bike that is.

    BTW, is there a glossary about covering all the acronyms showcased here?
  2. Welcome Andrew, don't know about a glossary. I suppose some of the more common are:

    ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time, people who religiously wear all protective gear.
    SMIDSY - Sorry Mate I didn't See You, the claim made be a cager after colliding with you because they were texting, updating their facebook page, changing their music etc.
    SIAM - Smidsy Incident Avoidance Manoeuvre, A road move intended to draw attention to yourself and thus avoid a Smidsy.
    Cager - A car driver.
  3. Welcome, Andrew.

    What kind of bike are you intending to buy?
    What kind of riding do you see yourself doing?

    Check out Motorcycle Ergonomics when thinking about the above questions.
  4. Hey Mick,

    Falling in love with the Ducati Monster, shall have to ride it first and few others to see if is right or not - the heart is a fickle beast though and shall be hard to tell it no if it's not right. Hopefully, she fits like your favourite pair of jeans though.

    Riding shall mainly be for fun and we'll see about commuting later on. Thx for link - shall have a look.
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  5. how do you like a post?
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. I hope the training and bike buying goes well. Welcome aboard.
  8. thx Bumblebeeman.

    I see you're listed for Brissy as a mentor. How does that work?
  9. Welcome mate, with a name like caffeine monster you'll have to buy a Ducati ;)

    Can I suggest you ride a wide range of LAMS bikes, you never know what may take your fancy!

    Plenty of good threads here re bike choices, riding gear like helmets, and importantly, riding tips and road craft .

    Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask questions, lots of good info here.
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  10. Thx ChilliButton,

    Have selected a few LAMS to try, want one with ABS though. Going tomorrow look at gear also.

    Brain is about to explode from trying to digest everything there is to read out there, but as an old boss said to me, "If you find there's nothing more something/someone can teach you, you've still learnt that".
  11. The Netrider mentoring program, if it is a program, just means that new riders can ask for some guidance from experienced riders if they'd like some help to take the next steps beyond simply getting a licence. Most people find developing roadcraft and good riding habits a bit daunting when they're still really only in the early stages of confidence about being in control of the bike, and dealing with the traffic around them. Sometimes, some guidance and practice can help. I am not an instructor, though have taken advantage of a lot of advanced instruction, and offer what I do based on keeping it safely upright for most of my 47 years on two wheels. It's voluntary participation on both sides of the conversation. I've helped 15 local riders safely build their skills over the last four years I've been offering to do this.
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  12. Bumblebeeman,

    Sounds useful. If all goes well and am on two wheels after next week would be something I'd like to take advantage of.

  13. Welcome to Netrider Andrew!
  14. Welcome mate!

    I recon you're into naked streetfighters, eh? In that case make sure to test ride an MT07(a kickass even in it's LAMS incarnation) and a Street Tripple(even more power and polish than 07). But just like chillibuttonchillibutton said, I recommend you to test ride as many different bikes of different types as possible before making a choice: supersports, dualsports, cruisers, you name it. That way you'll see what suits you the most right now. One more thing: don't feel obliged to buy the biggest LAMS machine possible, pick what you feel comfortable riding. It is very important for a learner not to be overwhelmed and intimidated by the power, size and weight of the bike they are learning to ride on, you can always upgrade to a bigger bike later if you so desire.

    Another point: invest in a good protective gear. You don't have to spend thousands of bucks on a racing suit right off the bat but consider getting a good mesh jacket, a pair of mesh trousers or good kevlar jeans, a pair of decent gloves and a pair riding boots high enough to protect your ankle in addition to the mandatory helmet. All this will come up to about a $1000 give or take but being an ATGATT guy, I consider that a must-have for a learner.
  15. Howdy and welcome to NR Andrew! Good luck in your bike choice. Although ABS is a good thing its not a must have (you'd be better off learning not to rely on it).
  16. Welcome.
    Since you asked, some more MOTO acronyms.

    1. Farkle = functional sparkle - go fast shiny bits (that don't make you go fast)
    2. Squid = Often misconstrued as a rider in minimal clothing (shorts, T-Shit) - in actuality it is the definition of a nonce rider with minimal skill (think grommet in Surfing, noob in Gaming)
    3. Boots = Tyres
    4. Turn up the wick = Pin the throttle
    5. GTFO = Turn up the wick to Get the Fcuk Out
    6. Split = Move gracefully between cagers (defined above cjvfrcjvfr ) at speed
    7. Filter = Move gracefully between cagers without speed
    8. B!tch Seat = The pillion
    9. 12 O'clock = Either a really awesome deliberate wheelie done by a skilled individual, or an imminent crash caused by Looping It.
    10. Looping It = Trying to wheelie and going past 12 O'clock with rapid rotation
    11. Ghosting = Letting go of the bike to save yourself (often related to 10 and 11)
    12. Laying it down = I ran out of skill, or road, or both and 'decided to crash'
    13. High side = The bad crash when the rear lets go, then picks up and the bike throws you over the 'high side'
    14. Low side = The good crash when the front washes out when pitched over and you fall from the 'low side'
    15. Pirate = A useless Harley rider that really only relates to point 1 and 2
    :: end of line
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  17. Thx BitStar - exactly the kind of vernacular that's had me scratching my head.
  18. Mate, welcome to the insane asylum.......enjoy the search for your bike.
  19. Mate I'm disappointed, you left out "stoppie"....
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  20. I knew I missed something.