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newbie sportsbike: CBR250RR or Hyo GT650R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sweeptheleg, May 21, 2007.

  1. After lurking and reading some of the excellent advice on this forum (especially the warnings not to circumvent the restricted period and head straight to a 600R) I'm still undecided about which bike to get for the learner/ps period.

    As sad as it is, I'm willing to admit that I'm superficial enough to want something that looks good AND has a decent amount of get up and go.

    For me, that means a sportsbike clad in nice and easy to scratch fairings. I love the styling on both the CBR600RR and the GSX-R600 and except for the fact I'm being sensible, would jump all over the CBR600 in a flash.

    Pretty much I've come down to either the Hyo GT650R or the CBR250RR. I'd much rather NOT buy a brand new bike for my learners, but my big question about the CBR are:

    - how hard is it to get one in decent condition? As a rough guide how many ks on the clock before they start running into expensive mechanical repair territory?

    - is there any model years I should specifically avoid? I realise that the vast majority are grey imports and are therefore going to be over a decade old

    - I'm operating on the assumption that the 250RR is a little more gutsy than the Hyo 650 - am I barking up the wrong tree here?

    - are there other 250s I should consider if I'm after a non-naked, non-cruiser sportbike with a bit of go to go with the show? I love the styling on the NS125 but from what I've read here they're a labour of love.

    A long (18ish years) time ago I had a VT250 for a couple of years, and also rode a ZZR250 - both of which felt pretty underpowered for someone my size (6'1, 90kgs). For this reason I really don't see myself touching a GPX - and finding a decent amount of ZX2Rs to choose from seems pretty difficult. I'm quite happy to sacrifice a little bit of ride position (esp with the ZX2R for something that looks and goes well).

    Any guidance or aqdvice will be gratefully accepted.

    EDIT: I've gone over the LAMS list already (I'm in NSW) so I'm more looking for a 250 than a bigger cc bike as I've covered most of those bases already.
  2. If you want the most legal power the choices are zx2r, cbr250rr and gt650r (especially if you derestrict it.. even though you wouldn't be insured in the event of a crash). So that leaves it to cbrr and zx2r.

    Zx2r are generally a big cheaper, but harder to find. Cbrr are everywhere. There is a guy (someone will jump in and give details) who gets these old buggers, redoes pretty much everything, engine rebuild, carbs, etc. then slams on new fairings, and I'm not sure but he might have even put a targa kit fairing set on. Anyway, he sells them all for $7500. And since you'd be paying 6000 for a reasonable on anyway, its worth spending the extra bit.

    I still have mixed feelings about which 250 I would get if I had to do it over again. Cbrrs are nice but if something goes wrong (and being that old and often thrashed or at least hi kms and neglected servicewise) it can cost you alot.

    About what kms to avoid. Its very hard to avoid because 90% of the grey imports and probably alot of the official imports have had their odo wound back a couple of times. Best thing is to find the general problems with the bike and check everything out (or give the list to mechanic and pay them to check).

    Good luck.
  3. If you're in nsw, stay away from 250's!

    The restricted hyo 650 will be quicker than the cbr250, as will most of the lams roadbikes over 250cc. If you were bored on a zzr250, then you'll soon be bored with a 4 cylinder 250.

    If the budget can stretch to it then get an RVF400, it won't leave you wanting more for a while.
  4. Go the Hyosung... you can buy the restricted version to do your L's and then de-restrict it to full power after you are off your restrictions.

    You'll get much more usage out of the bike before you need to upgrade and you could go straight from the de-restricted hyo to a big bike after you've got enough experience and are confident enough.... 3 steps but only 2 bikes.
  5. Brilliant stuff - thanks for the tips.

    I have noticed the RVF actually - it looks spot on assuming I can actually find one in decent nick - they seem to be pretty scarce on the ground.

    After looking around a bit more - and reading some of the Sumoto stories - I've decided to steer well clear of the CBR 250RRs - I'm sure there's good ones around but knowing my luck I'll cop a lemon.

    I'm now being sorely tempted by the Aprilia 125 and the cagiva mito... except for the fact that they're 2 strokers and my (limted) experience on a RGV 250 some time ago has put the fear of god into me about them.

    The CBR125R seems a solid pick as well, although I'd like to take this out for a spin on the open road, and what I'm reading indicates that hilly terrain at speed is probably out. And being 185cms tall...probably would make it quite an amusing sight!
  6. If your over 85kg's buy the Hyo, as its got the torque to the weight.
    The both 2strokes are great bikes, although might feel like a dog if your on the heavy side.
    BTW the RS125 is far ahead of the mito, much better bike in every way.

    VRF or RVF are most likely flogged like a 250rr. Nice bike in there day but a bit old now & most likely going to have problems soon.
  7. CBR250RR's are superb bikes which should not be overlooked. Engines are known to be very strong and reliable.

    There are plenty of quality CBR's for sale, best bet would be to find one off forum users either here or at http://www.cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/. Nice samples that are pre-loved always pop up.

    Goodluck mate.
  8. Gold - will do. Mainly don't want to be taken for a ride (pardon the pun) just cos the bikes are forced into demand.

    Aprilia is looking mighty tempting too - checked one out today - so sweet.
  9. the hyo 650 would be a better option, under one condition, you get one with still a reasonable amount of warrenty time on them. their variation in quality is farily extreme. some guys have put many kms on them without a problem. other guys have had destroyed gearboxes and cam chain tensioners in the first few thousand kays.
    they are a heavy, and to an extent a difficult bike to ride, when cornering, you really do have to get it right, because if you change lines, or give it heaps of gas, it will biatch and moan about you upsetting the balance. im my opinion, they will make you a better rider for this. they are also a very torqy bike, that looks the business, if not a tad chubby, and will sound friggin mean if you get a decent can put on it.

    i could very happily live with one.

    in the right hands, the cbr will fly aswell, but you really have to rev the fuçk out of them to get any real power. and being a v twin man, i dont really like the idea of that.

    hope that helps


    edit: and just to add, i wouldnt get a two stroke if you are planning on doing alot of kays on it, unless you are handy with a spanner
  10. I've got a mate selling a Hyo GT650 LAMS if you're interested...

    Decent bikes, good because they'll last you long after you get off your restrictions, once you take the restrictors out.

    honestly because you're a big bloke, you'll feel very cramped on a CBR250RR, they're built for tiny asian guys... i feel cramped on one. The bigger bike will suit you better.

    CBR's tend to have the tits flogged off them, and because they're a 4 pot, they're more expensive to service. The Hyo is a nice V-Twin, torquey and more powerful than the CBR, which you'd have to rev the hell out of to get anywhere.