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Newbie spada questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    this is my first post as I have only just recently joined :)

    For my first bike I am thinking of getting a Spada and have some questions.

    I would be interested in the cheap one in the bikes for sale section but I can't PM the owner as I have not posted 5 or more times :(

    Does anyone know if it is till for sale as I can't contact the owner :?:


    Q1 - Do oggy knobs make some to suit the spada or does the later VTR250 ones fit :?:

    Q2 - Do ventura make a bag rack that fits the bike as well :?:

    Sorry for all the newbie questions that probably have been asked before but I am still learning my way around the web site :oops:

    I tried the link to the Spada web site that is on here but it doesn't seem to be working :(

    Cheers in advance for any help.
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  4. Thanks port80,

    I think I must be doing something wrong.

    When I went to the web site you sent me all I got was a page that said "Totalise Free User Web Space" and went no further :(

    Am I doing something wrong :?:

  5. Thanks petertadhg,

    all I could find listed was a VT 250c, FD, FE, FG and FN

    Are any of these the spada :?:

  6. Ventura doesn't make a standard one for the Spada, you have to slightly mod the standard one. Also IMO the rack looks a little out of place on the Spada, due to the size. If you ain't pillioning (which you probably won't be on the Spada) another option is soft saddlebags (around $100)
  7. Or a seat bag or a tank bag. Tank bags have the advantage of centering the load on the bike when you carry luggage so I reckon they're better than racks personally. However, you do have to take them off when you refuel.
  8. 'Gange': welcome to the site.

    i got the seat bag from ventura and that suits me well. if need be i sometimes carry a backpack. like 'kaer' said there's no standard rack for the spada unless you're handy with a welder;)
  9. twainhate / Seany / Kaer,

    thanks for the advice :grin:

    It seems I will have to track down these other alternatives and see which one suits me the best

    cheers :)
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  11. Thanks for all the info Pete,

    gives me some more stuff to go off of :grin: