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Newbie sign up

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VTR2001, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Thought I'd quickly jump on and say G'day,

    I've been into bikes for years (still no licence yet) and finally got myself a bike. I have previously riden many bikes and once owner a Honda 750 Cruiser. No im nut such a fat bloke now so i can get something a little more sporty.

    I just got myself a nice Black Honda VTR 2001. Has an aftermarket ROO exhaust, whihc does sound realtively nice and otherwise no mods done except a windscreen added (not sure if i like it yet) gold rims which id nomrally hate but does look quite nice actually and kinda gives me a gold them to work with if i go down that road. Alternatively my wife rides a gold ZZR250 so we're a little matchy matchy hahaha

    I am little mechanically minded and resonably ellectrically minded so i will be attempting a few mods ( after i get my licence ).

    Have seen some great threads on here about VTR's so thought i best sign up so i can see some great stuff and even post my own.

    Also from Perth and 30yrs. Look forward to chatting with people and yeah, just a little intro on me.
  2. Welcome VTR2001, we need a few more from the west.
  3. Howdy welcome, we could do with a few more "gropers" on here :)
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    Yeah Mcsenna another sandgropper to add to the mix. Normally the only way to connect with the rest of the world for us is the net hahah

    Hey titus, Yeah as saying to Mcsenna alwasy good to have a few patient (Wait Awhile) gropers hahah. Looking forward to this site. looks like alot of good info to help me along the way.

    If anyone or you two WA blokes know of good bike cruuise places or people to follow or look up can you please let me know.

    Once i get my licence would love to go for a few cruisers, Take the wife and her bike for a good run.

    i dont feel so bad now as before i had a cruiser and she had a sports and kinda looked weird and some bike people are weird with sports n cruisers mixing haha but now were both sportswould be good to do.

  5. Welcome to Netrider wherever you're from :LOL:
  6. Thanks Hornet :)

    Good to be on board :)
  7. welcome aboard :]
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    Thanks Jeffco

    Any of you guys know or can recomened a good aftermark shop in WA or online / Ebay ??

  9. sorry mate in Vic
  10. Really? We must meet up sometime and have a gross-out competition! 3:)

    Welcome to Nutrider, n00b dude! :wacky:
  11. That sounds like fun :]
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  12. Welcome to NR...
  13. Thanks danny_tb and Lazy Libran.
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  14. Welcome to NR! May the force be with you