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Newbie Servicing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the_beast, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. I am not sure this shoudl go here but a newbie to riding i just wanted to ask a quick couple of questions.

    First does any one recommend anyone in canberra to do services ?

    and also if my bike runs out of fuel (dry :shock: ) do i just fill her up and turn it over till it starts ???

    any help would be great
  2. By dry, do you mean you've ran the tank on reserve to empty? I only ask because most fuel taps have a priming position and that may help you get fuel into the carbys when you fill up.

    Otherwise, just fill and start it up.

    A more educated response should be forthcoming from the more experience posters :wink:
  3. Depends if your taps is vacuum operated or not. If its not then fill it and fire it.
  4. hahahaha what a great afternoon filled it, tried to start it, ran battery down, roll started it and the beast fired woohoo !!! thanks for the help guys !!
  5. :LOL: How old is the battery? I've never had an issue with starting up after running out of fuel, a few presses of the starter switch and I'm off.

    Wait for the next time you need to find a working air house that will fit onto your stem. Bloody pump was stuffed at the Caltex in Braddon :evil: That's five from five that wont fit or work
  6. looks like it is the original battery i have just picked one up from Tj's!! But F--K me it was (i hope you are sitting down) $220 :shock: for the new battery, But now she starts first time liek a dream !!

    hope you fix your problem !!
  7. Shite, 220 for a battery!!

    I just want to make sure I've got the right air pressure in my tyres. I've been a bad person and not checked it. Front is fine, rear could probably do with a few more PSI.

    Tell you what, I filled up using normal unleaded my previous fill and I could feel the difference, back to premium 98 for me

  8. Yikes same problem with my old motorcycle. Apparently cold weather is bad for batteries especially if you don't ride at least 5km or so daily to allow the battery to charge up. Cold fuel also has more trouble vaporising, which adds to the trouble.
  9. yeah the battery was pricey, but the guy at tj's said it would last longer than the bike!!

    hey you guys keen for a ride on sunday ??
  10. I was kinda thinking this would make a nice run. I try and hook up with my brother, who doesn't get to ride that often. It's a decent distance and looking on the map, full of nice twisty sections.
  11. yeah that look like a great ride !! but abit sketchy in this weather, last winter there was some pretty good snow in that area.
  12. $220 for a battery? I hope it's gold-plated. I had a service this morning, new air filter, plugs and a general service, but I paid LESS for a new front tyre than you got stung for the battery :shock:.
  13. man i am just stoked the bike is working now !!