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newbie saying hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by coookiemonsters, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. hi my name is timothy i own a fzr 250 89 model, i live in the south eastern suburbs and mainly us my bike to travel to and from Uni saves me paying those tolls!!

    regads timothy
  2. Hi Tim, welcome. South Eastern Suburbs of where?
    <<<<<<Don't forget to fill out your profile :)

    Edit MG you crack me up. :LOL:
  3. ahhh yere melbourne!!!! cranbourne to be exact right near macdonalds LOL
  4. COOKIE!!!! (in best Cookie Monster Voice)

    Welcome to the completely sane forum, Timothy.......
  5. Welcome to NR mate... :LOL:
  6. Hi Timothy!

    I'm kinda a noob too, now I dont feel alone :shock:
  7. Hi Tim. Welcome. There some funny people on NR. You'll work out who is who. Like someone said. Put some info in your profile.

    I guess we know where SE riders will be meeting soon! :p

  8. Hi, Timothy... Welcome to NR.

    Don't mind MG, he means well :wink: and may well be sleep-deprived.

    :eek: <----- MG yawning
  9. [​IMG] coookiemonsters
  10. hey bud's i'm from North
  11. Welcome to the forums!
  12. g'day timothy, stick with me matey and you'll be alright. just dont make eye-contact with MG, he bites.
  13. Hey there Tim.
    Welcome to NR :wink:
  14. Hi timothy and welcome :grin:
    Free tollways are certainly a perk!