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newbie saying hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by adz383, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. hi everybody....hi dr nick....

    yes i'm new (hi all) :cool: names adam (adz) and had my L's for around 1.5 months now, picked up my first bike a few weeks ago as per the pic below


    '91 CBR 250RR - nice and original apart from the screen, i've already stripped it down, cleaned everything up nicely, new fluids, brakes, ditched some of the half-missing stickers etc and it's running quite nicely now. pretty sweet L bike its the 4th bike i've been on since getting L's and its nice to actually get used to something now, but yeah should do for a year or so before i buy a real bike (ultimate dream has been an RSV1000R since i first saw one, but thats a long way off yet, hopefully an R6 or real blade is more likely...need to develop some talent though first, lol)
    so anyways im from northern suburbs of Melbourne, so if you see a newbie Lunatic riding on a RR that looks like the above please don't give me too much grief :p
    nice to meet 'yall :)
  2. Hi Adam, nice lookin CBRrrrrrr. But geez those seats look HARD! :LOL: Anyways welcome to Netrider! :grin:
  3. Welcome adz383. I live up your way too though much further out. When are you going to book in for your licence test seeing you have had your L's for 15months?
  4. cheers guys :)
    only had the L's for 1.5 (one and a half) months, so long way from being ready for that just yet. i reminded myself last night that im still a newbie trying to do a hill start from the round-about in yarrambat :oops: :roll: ah well i guess the L plates there for a reason, lol
  5. Welcome Adam, liked your "L's there for a reason comment" good luck with the learning process, it's half the fun and worthwhile.
    Stay safe.
  6. Welcome! :grin:
  7. :biker: adz383

    Welcome newbie :grin:
  8. hehe thanks for the kind welcome guys and gals :popcorn:
  9. Welcome Adz.
    Great to see another lunatic out there :LOL: