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Newbie saying Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Oliver Keighley, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    My name is Ollie and I am considering joining "The Club" by upgrading my Aprilla Sportcity 200 to a "real" bike.

    What I want is a Monster 659 ABS or a 696 ABS, 2012, in the region of $8 to $9k.

    My "head" says I should get something simpler/cheaper such as a CBR500 / CBR650F - although price differential seems negligible.

    Keen to get in to the social Saturday riding and maybe commute.



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  2. Welcome to NR..

    In this case just listen to your heart! :)
  3. G'day Oliie, welcome to NR. The Hondas are great bikes and excellent value for money - either of which I'd be very happy to own.

    Having said that, to paraphrase motovlogging extraordinaire BaronVonGrumble, it's not the same if you're at a party and introduced to a beautiful woman as a 'motorcyclist' and she asks you, '...what do you ride?' and you say 'A Honda...' it's just not the same as a 'Doo-Kar-Dee' (or Duke at EEE!), is it...
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  4. Haha nice.

    On the other hand, the Ducati monster will "always be there", there's no downside to getting something else for 12 months (apart from change-over loss)

    I think a test ride of a 659 would be a good idea - i have sat on one and they feel pretty light to be fair.

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  5. Yeah, I would too. I haven't ridden on or even sat on a Monster, but I wouldn't be surprised that if I did I'd be walking out of the dealership with a dazed look on my face and a set of Ducati keys in hand shortly thereafter.
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  6. If you do get a Ducati (or any other bike), there is no need to upgrade after 12 months, IMO. But to each their own, I guess..
  7. Welcome to NR, and good luck with the bike decision. Both good choices, but then you're spoilt for choice with good LAMS bikes nowadays.
  8. G'day Ollie, you'll get plenty of advice and opinions on here. I'm sure you'll catch up with other members for rides soon enough
  9. The choice is easy. If you drink fruit juice buy the Honda. If you like your Latte in a glass buy the little Monster. If you like a Cappa and cake buy a bigger Monster , you will have plenty of time to eat and enjoy both while your mates catch up .............. :whistle::whistle:
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  10. Welcome Ollie! Decisions decisions...no wrong decision though. You make the choice.
    Good luck. Ha.
    What does the little devil on your shoulder whisper in your ear...duke at eee...monster...with ABS....? ;)
    Don't forget to keep us updated on your final choice, photos and rationale for what you end up with please.
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  11. DUCATI sounds good whispered in your ear, HONDA doesn't have the same ring. DUCATI whispered by a hot Italian woman Mmmmmm......... :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  12. Don't corrupt the poor young man...wicked Taswegian ;)
    Hey when is Vancouver Island Mr?
  13. 5 weeks to wait then look out CANADA. Have been practising riding on the right hand side of the road. Crank the Monster up, pass slow vehicles and stay on the right. Just can't play in blind right handers but it's a whole new perspective on riding. I will try and post some photos from Vancouver Island but they might be upside down ...........:wacky:
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  14. East Coast CruiserEast Coast Cruiser where on god's good earth are you riding on the right hand side of the road you wally!
    Oh wait Tasmania...got it ;)
    Look forward to the upside down photos...I can just rotate my ipad...can't I? :woot:
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  15. Hi Ollie and welcome to NR! :happy:
  16. "Ducati ..."

    "Honda ..."

    ... not that there's anything wrong with that, if it's your thing. We won't judge.
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  17. I could be persuaded...
  18. Doooooooocateeee -ooohhh sounds good........
    jen centrefold ducati motor girl models.

    HonDaa, doesn't have the same ring...........


    But each to their own I guess......
    images (23).

    This ain't no Ducati rider. Too much fruit juice, not enough coffee and cake..........
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  19. #19 cjvfr, May 27, 2015
    Last edited: May 27, 2015
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  20. I'd be afraid to ride a Ducati because I know if I did I'd want one. I have the same dilemma with the 954 Fireblade; I rode a mate's some years back and there's a 954-shaped 'itch' left over.....
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