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Newbie saying "hi"

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jay2301, May 11, 2014.

  1. Hey there,
    Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" as I'm new here. I'm from Melbourne and I currently have no ride but I am saving up money to buy a motorcycle. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  2. Hello Jay, and welcome!
    Hope the saving is going well, don't forget to budget in $2k for safety gear! :)
  3. Hi and welcome Jay. Any ideas yet on what you'd like to get?
  4. Welcome Jay, if you haven't decided on a bike then make a trip down to Saturday morning practice. You can talk to other riders on LAMS bikes and perhaps check out some different models.
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  5. Thanks Ness, I'll make a note to also save up for the riding gear
  6. Hey Ned, I'm thinking a cb400 to start with.
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  7. That sounds great, I'll definitely try to make the time to head down. Where about's do I find the details for Saturdays practice?
  8. Thanks Ned, will do!
  9. G'day Jay. Welcome to the madhouse. Bikers gear australia has package deals. Or A1 & bike mart in Ringwood or AMX in Bayswater. Got a learners yet?
  10. [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice
  11. Hey Petesul,
    Thanks for the info on the motorcycle gear, I'll check them out. No I haven't got my learners yet and I haven't booked for lessons either.
  12. Ness has a CB400. She might give you a rundown.
  13. LMAO I'm not the best person to do that! He's a boy, he'll want technical stuff.
    My rundown would go something like : I'm short (5'3") and I can tippy toe it in bare feet or use both balls of my feet in my boots. It has a petrol gauge but no gear indicator. I got mine in a pretty pearlescent white. Apparently it has four cylinders or something, and it has Vtec symbols written all over it, but I have no idea what either of those things mean.
    And that's about all I know about my bike!

    (but seriously, it's an awesome bike and I won't be growing out of mine for quite some time yet! I would def recommend for a learner, as long as the weight isn't too much for you. My bike weighs almost 3 times what i do, so it's a bit of a learning curve after learning on a little 125. Get oggy knobs for yours. If you don't know what they are, the bike shop will show you. They protect the bike if you should, I don't know... try to overcome the laws of physics and attempt to park sideways on a slope with the stand on the up-hill side of the bike... Not that I'd know anything about someone as idiotic as to have tried that...)
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  14. Thanks for that Ness!
  15. LMAO.....Mr Google? Mr Google? Are you there? Need some help again please.......
  16. Got it. Mr Google knows all.....or I'm too bloody old!

    I'd tower over you Ness...a couple if inches....

    Jay, I'm still riding a Suzuki GS500F. Lower tech than the 400, same power, perhaps slightly heavier, around the same seat height, twin, cheaper to buy, easier to maintain, same mechanics for more than 10 years so bulletproof. A little heavy at 0/slow speeds until you get used to it then it is easy. Worth a look, but always consider the 250s too.