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Newbie/Saturday learner Rides

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jeffco, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hello to all the guys and gals from netrider. Just thought id check back in. Have been using the forums for awhile now and have used them to great affect. Managed to egt my gear arrange a bike inspection and purchase said bike a Kawasaki 250 EL Eliminator which i have enjoyed riding immensely around the streets where i live and short trips to my work and i think its time i joined a saturday learner session. do you just turn up at the location on the day. iM hoping to get to one next week. Thanks in advance

  2. Just turn up and say hello. Check the thread before you head off if the weather looks suspect and Doug will post if he is cancelling for the day. Post in the thread if you want to catch up with any others heading in from your same location.
  3. which area are you coming in from? Nth,Sth, East, West?
  4. Hi Jeffco and welcome to NR and hope it won't be too long before we meet you at practice.
  5. Thanks for the info, i will be heading in from Endeavour Hills (sth east) and if i read the meeting points right theres one on the cnr of stud and wellington what time should i get there if i want to ride in with others ( if any are heading that way), if not im happy to motor in on my own. I also noticed that breakfast/coffee is held before hand and seeing as theres no such thing as too much caffine can i rock up for that also. :) Thanks
  6. don't forget to bring a slab
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  7. Dr Jeckyls is coffee meeting spot, 9am start there is a link / thread for it, use search, also friday night sat morn thrread is the place to put your hand up asking for an escort in.