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Newbie - SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by BevD, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I just got my motorcycle learners yesterday at the tender age of ..... 53!
    Have been a pillion on my husbands bike for years and with life settling down - kids grown etc, now seemed to be the time to see if I had the confidence to take control myself - gulp.
    After doing the Basic Learners course I am more confident and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Will be practising now for the Advanced course but not too sure how I will go with having to do the U-turns.
    Don't know why they don't take into consideration the entire training course and rely on just a test at the end as I know I get very nervous with just the thought of a test.

    My husband has bought me a Honda CB125e second hand to learn on and says if I still enjoy riding after having my full licence about 12mths will look into getting something else with a bit more power. We shall have to wait and see :)

    Happy riding and safe travels everyone!!
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  2. Welcome aboard :] congrats on getting your L's, and the excitement of two wheeled fun
  3. Thanks Jeffco looking forward it.
  4. Hey BevDBevD :) Welcome to the forums. Congratulations on getting your learner's! You've been a pillion for years, so you know all too well how awesome motorcycling is! And being able to ride yourself and occasionally get away from your beloved OH and have "girls get together" riding time will be another freedom.

    Few of us on here started riding at the wrong side of 40s, so it's never too late. Enjoy your beautiful CB125, lovely little learner, very forgiving too. I'm sure you will have fantastic 12 months. Ride safe and stay upright (y)
  5. Giday
    Dont panic as the u turn thing is points based. I.e if you go over the line or put a foot down it is Not a fail.

    I posted the course after i did it a couple of years ago , it maybe possible to find it.

    Get back and do advanced asap while its all fresh - i did mine 2 weeks apart , yes you can do that.
  6. Hey and welcome from another oldfart lol....
  7. Welcome to Netrider Bev! Great bikes those cb125's....my first bike too! :)
  8. Hi Bev,
    Dont discount the importance of U turns. If you can U turn at will, you have mastered the art of riding a bike anywhere and any time. Well apart from the high speed wheelie.
    When my better half was in training, I got her to focus just on U turns. Unused carparks and the like. Work on slower and tighter turns as you progress.
  9. Thanks Fr33dm, have seen a few sites that have "girls get togethers" and will probably look more into that when I get my full licence. :)
  10. Thanks everyone for the welcome and support, I will be focusing on the u-turns but hopefully not stress about it as can only do what I can do! Practice, Practice, Practice as the instructors said.