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Newbie Riding question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. This may be a very very dumb question. :wink:

    Under your leather pants do you wear other pants under them, for example if you are going to work ? (laugh if you want but I dont know!)

    Or do people carry their clothes in a backpack ?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. I we3ar trackie pants under them as thats what i wear to work , get there and just take the leathers off and i am ready to roll.
  3. I think its personal preference really, plus highly dependant on what you wear for work. If you wear suit & tie, you'll probably need to leave them at work or you'll destroy them in a tank bag.

    Personally I wear my work shirt under my jacket but carry my trousers in my saddle bag. I generally have a spare pair of shoes at the office for such days - as much as i think my bike boots are a fashion statement, the boss doesn't agree.
  4. Depends a bit on the fit of your leathers. I wear trousers and business shirt underneath and keep a pair of shoes at work. If it is really hot going home, trousers go in the bag or get left at work.
  5. In winter I generally I don't wear leathers to work, I wear cordura overpants and jacket, a bit looser fit than my leathers and allows a better waterproof option for melbournes unpredictable weather.

    In summer I wear leathers more, because the cordura doesn't breathe that well - so I stash some clothes at work and get in a bit early and change (gotta do the hair anyway, the helmet hair doesn't flatter me).

    Avoid carrying clothes in a backback, they generally come out looking cruddy esp if it is a suit.

    When I first started riding, I'd leave 2 suits at work, and get them dry cleaned every few weeks, and rock up every day with a work shirt on under my jacket. Worked pretty well, except I had to drive in to get the suits there, and back home again :) In summer, the work shirts often got very sweaty even early in the morning, so I'd roll up a non-iron shirt and take it in the backpack - a couple of creases is heaps better than BO smell all day.
  6. I'm with voyager, good advice. Dan's point about shirts is very valid too..

    Which gets ya thinking, how do you ladies go when you have to ride to work, but then meet your job's expectations in terms of your appearance? I would reckon we guys have it easy by comparison?
  7. Similar to me, boots parked under the desk, spare clothes at office usually. Re the BO thing Dan, there is always when push comes to shove, the great Qld institutiun known as the Brut bath :)

    Can also be done with other deodarants but Brut was fashionable when the phrase was coined.
  8. Was your dress in the wash that day :LOL:

    I take eveything in the geararack , then change at work .
  9. :LOL: I'd bet the ladies would love that one. It would go well with a heavy gold chain under a half unbuttoned short sleeved shirt, complementing the irresistable alure of a well thatched chest 8)
  10. It depends upon what I'm expecting to be doing at work.

    If I ride in and I don't have meetings then I just wear a chambre shirt with company logo and a pair of draggin jeans, and a pair of shorty bike boots.

    If I have a meeting then it's 'wear a suit' time and that isn't normally worth the hassle... so I tend to drive then (some people don't have that option though).

    On the few times I've had to wear a suit and take the bike then I carefully fold the suit into a waterproof bag and put it in the panniers on the Diversion. I wouldn't even try to carry it on one of the other bikes .

    Then I get changed at work... it's something I only do when I have to though as it turns a 10 minute bike commute into a 30 minute plus pain in the butt.
  11. i get to wear cams and boots to work so i just chuck my jacket on and i look as cool as all the other try hard toughy's on bikes
  12. Pair of Draggin Jeans Chinos, shirt underneath, bike boots, cordura jacket, gloves and helmet while on the bike (with Nylon watterproof overpaints in the jacket pocket for the wet days). The jacket, helmet and Gloves come off at work, but my work is pretty casual about peoples attire.
  13. Word of warning:

    Wear pants under your leathers, or don't - but choose one or the other, don't oscillate. Otherwise you'll jump off the bike one day a bit forgetful, you'll undo your zip and...it'll be one for the ladies! It's hard to make explanations at that point! :LOL:
  14. I wear a pink tutu under mine, and a nice peach camisole top.
  15. I ride in wearing a business shirt, Draggins, boots and Joe Rocket jacket.

    A bag sits in the Across's boot containing my work shoes, a tie and my suit pants. I wear a backpack containing my suit jacket. Pants and jacket are neatly rolled rather than folded, to prevent creasing.

    Seems to work okay. :)
  16. Thanks for all your help. I am yet to start a new job so I will have to see what the dress code is :wink:

    With the Draggins, (I have read a number of topics on them). Do they still provide a fair amount of protection ? Also how does the armour in them work ?

  17. Sounds like you're speaking from experience...were they at least impressed?
  18. Yes, I wear my pants under my leathers.

    Used to wear shirt & tie, but gave that up with riding. So I wear
    polo top work uniform
  19. You guys obviously have very loose leathers if you can easily where so much clothing underneath! I imagine any sort of pants would get severely mangled under my leather suit, although a shirt and light jumper will just fit under the jacket.

    Word of warning, I suppose - loose protective gear moves around a bit when you come off... just some food for thought. Good reason for custom fits.

    As for me, I wear my Draggin Jeans and bike boots around work, with whichever t-shirt or jumper I feel is appropriate for the weather. Lucky there's no strict dress-code for me. ;)
  20. Only time my leathers feel loose is when im wearing nothing but undies
    under them