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newbie riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fubarcbr, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. i have been riding for near 10 years started out on dirt bikes on my cousins farms and moved to road about 4 years ago and the one thing i have learnt is that you do not stop at a set of lights in the middle of the road.

    as i was on my way to work to night there was a squid on some suzuki thing being a tools weving in an out of traffic only to end up in front of me at the lights anyway and he stoped right in the middle of the lane.

    anyway we were behind a big old 4x4 and as we took of he hit some oil and bang was on his arse. so i got off and helped him up and got talking to him and he didn't know what he did wrong. to me this seems like basic knowledge when you are on a bike as oil + 2 wheels makes for bad things.

    is it just me or is this something basic that is taught when you are learning?

  2. oops wrote that wrong.

    i ment isn't this one of the basics that is taught when learning.
    becuase i was taught this
  3. oh well, sucks to be him.

    hopefully that little incident will keep his ego in check.

    probably not, since he rides a suzuki:p [​IMG]
  4. I haven't done my learners as yet and even i know that. Wot sort of a Dumbass is he
  5. Mate, just imgine how many of them are zooming around that you don't notice!!! There is lot oil patches around as wel.........
  6. With the current Melbourne weather and the amount of diesel and oil on the roads, its amazing that there aren't more offs, by unskilled riders.
  7. Careful out there.. The rain makes it harder for you to see oil puddles...
  8. Stupidity is not against the law (luckily!) Lets hope he's learnt a lesson.
  9. I nearly did the same thing at the Toll Gates a couple of weeks ago...
  10. i like oil patches. boosts my ego to show off my mad skillz at burnouts - and saves on tyres (when doing burnouts). Im a suzuki rider, i must be a squid! :LOL: