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Newbie restorer starts his first restore on CB250 Nighthawk

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gags, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Hi All,
    Have started this thread to document my work and hoping some one else may find it useful. And the big one is to use NETRIDER as a resource for questions and answers.

    Why am i doing this
    Probaly getting a mid life crisis. Already bought a VFR800 last year. So after much contemplation have decided to restore a bike.

    What bike?
    After thinking for a while have decided to stick to something relatively new (1995) gain some experience and then move on to more difficult bike.
    Hence the Honda CB250 Nighthawk

    Yes i have bought it from Ray Quincey for $1200 no rego or RWC (just put a deposit on it). Have only seen the pictures as spoke to a guy called Ray. My question to him was "is as long as it starts" and he said it does. I have read a lot of posts about how bad Ray's are to deal with but since I don't care about RWC or REGO .

    My experience
    have never restored anything. Am mechinacally minded but nothing special. Can change car filter, oil etc. Worked on a FJ40 landcruiser for a little bit, a couple of years back and got it going. But otherwise nothing special. Just the desire to do it i guess.

    What I am planning to do?
    A full restore on
    - Engine
    - Suspension
    - Clutch
    - Tyres
    - Brakes
    well pretty much the whole thing. At least that is what my aim is.
    And then get the bike road registered and ride it.

    Am i expecting to make any money out if this?
    The answer to that is "NO". After speaking to a few other restorers (car restorers) their answer is " you never make any money". It is more to do with a challenge and satisfaction of finishing the job.

    How long do i expect it to take ?
    Wouldn't know but after reading a lot from other posts and sites about restoration have decided
    - To take my time on everything
    - NO RUSH for anything

    How much is my budget for the restore ?
    At this point in time there is no budget. Depends on the Chief Financial Officer (my wife). But will post all costs as it comes along.

    What do i expect to get out of it
    Aiming to use this as a creative chanel and to learn about the internals of bikes and then hope to do another restore if all goes well.

    My aim is to provide at least weekly updates and pics. Will be picking up the bike next weekend unless Ray's can organsie cheap transport to send the bike to Gippsland.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Here are some pics from the ad.
  3. Man, that looks like a tidy bike.

    I paid 1400 for a registered cb250, 92 model. I've since spent $700 on new rear tire, new fork seaks, a complete service, etc. Its got some bits of chrome flaking off the exhaust and a ripped seat. Yours looks almost pristine in comparison!
  4. I hope it looks good too. I have only seen the pics on the internet. Havent seen the bike in real yet and pics can be touched up. Hoping to get a look in on monday.
  5. Looks like good value from the pics! Good idea to pick a bike that is actually running before you restore it. Makes it a lot easier!

    Remember to take heaps of photos (even if you don't think they are necessary now, they could be later) and make notes on where everything goes. I'll be keeping an eye on this!
  6. Went in today at the bike shop and loked at the bike for the first time. Colour is faded in places (needs a respray) Spoke to the guys at the shop.
    Previous owner was a lady who was moving overseas and sold the bike to the bike shop. While she was bringing the bike got fined as she hadn't paid her rego.

    Have paid for the transport to get the bike to my place and it will be here tommorow so will put up some real pics then.

    Can't wait to get started.
  7. Very clean looking bit of gear, have fun. :cool:
  8. Finally the bike has arrived. Attached as a few pics of the bike and my workspace.
    - Front and Back brake needs fixing
    - Oil, Filter and spark plugs
    - Front suspension is leaking
    - Tuning
    - Parts missiing
    - Tank has dents and needs a repaint
    - side fairing have been patched up (not a good job and there are bumps in it)

    This is the obvious stuff that i can see. So lets begin

    Workshop Before (the shed)

    WorkSpace after

    Pics of the Bike Close ups




    STEP 1
    Clean the bike which will start tommorow
  9. if you need help to create more workshop flooring let us know. WE will gladly help you empty those pesky bottles out of those boxes.
  10. Really interested in this - look fwd to hearing how it goes.
  11. Thanks Thera. If you are up gippsland way drop in . Happy to have someone help me empty more boxes. :)
  12. Well the work has started.
    After giving the bike a wash and rolling it to the shed.

    Let the stripping begin. Here is what the bike looks like now


    For cleaning what i am doing is
    - clean the big bits of scrape them(without damaging the part that they are on)
    - Using Wd40 and covering the dirt
    - Using a rounded nylon brush and putting in some elbow grease
    - Washing the parts down

    Picture of sprocket cover before cleaning

    Picture of sprocket a few hours later with wd40

    Picture of rear bumper before (not sure what it is called)

    Picture of rear bumper now

    The damage so far that i have found
    - rear brakes need replacing
  13. Latest Update

    After a lot of late nights and elbow grease. Here is what i have done
    - Taken off petrol tank, battery holder airfilter and cleaned and polished them
    - Scrubed of any rust on the frame ( there was a little bit not much)
    Treated it with rust dissolver and primer. Used sand paper and scrubbed of excess and then repainted. This by far has been the most time consuming job as i wanted to be meticulous with everything.

    The bike has needed a lot of cleaning on the rear side and it is now coming up good.

    My plan is to fix the back end first and then start work on the engine and front. ( ie get the back wheel in first)

    Got my new brakes and will fit them hopefully this weekend

    Picture of front end after removing Petrol Tank

    Pictures of Air filter before


    Pictures of airfilter after cleaning
  14. Well here we go the first stuff up
    - Decided to clean the rear brakes using a brake dust cleaning fluid but as luck would have it spilt it on the rims and the paint has all gone blotchy in places.
    Spent all weekend using paint stripper and removing all the old paint. of the rims have decided to get them resparyed to factory orginals.
    Can anyone advise as to a good and cheap place to get rims painted

  15. I love these restoration threads :D

    Great choice of bike IMO for a first go, good luck with the rest and nice work so far!

    I'll be watching with interest :D
  16. Well took the family out for a holiday hence no news before.

    But aftre i got back and finished removing the paint from the back wheel. DDecided to ring up a few bike pain guys to find out what it woudl cost to paint ( WHAT $300 for 2 wheels and i had to do all the sanding , prep work) s stuff that. I have spent the last weekend on polishing the back wheel and it looks good. Currently getting the tire fitted back as i removed the whole wheel (AUTOSOL is the best, but my marm and fingers are killing me) Will put some pics up after i get the wheel back from the tire mob.

    Have started to expirement with the crank case . After spending nearly half a day to trying to polish it still has black spots and doesn't look great. I have been brosing a few websites
    and have decided to respray the casing.

    By the way forgot to mention the right crank case had and issue. The previous ownner decided to use locktight on the odometer cable and me being the newbie stuffed up the nut and then, drilling, reverse thereading tried everything to get it out but to no avail. So took the casing out and went to the wreckers and got another one.

    My plan now
    - Put the rear tire back on (after posting pics)
    - Expirement with engine enamel ( I think mine is chrome)
    - Pull out the engine

    If anyone has any ideas about engine paint etc feel free to post a reply. OR any suggestions overall would be great as well
  17. It might be too late now if you've fitted your tyre, but you could get those rims powdercoated (white were they?) for about $50 each going from recent experience. Tougher than paint too.

    I've used VHT paint before with good results. Needs to get hot to cure properly.

    A tip if I may about cleaning plastic stuff like your airbox. If you use armourall (I think you may have going by that finish?), get yourself an old tooth brush and work it in to all the corners before you buff it off. You'll be surprised at how much better things come up. It all about the details sometimes :wink:

    Keep up the good work
  18. Thanks Ian the quote i got for powder coating was $150. But please have a look at the wheel pics now and you may like what you see.

    I have been using Meguairs black plastic restorer to clean the plastics. Prior to applying this i clean them throughly and then apply mulpitle layers. Will keep the tooth brush option in my mind.

    Thanks for your advise and is much appreciated.

    Could you please tell me what color engine enamel did you use ?
  19. The Wheels

    Well here it goes my handy work for all to see. I learnt this method from the netrider website
    Link is https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=polished_rims

    The only thing that i would recommend would be to remove the tire and strip the wheel down makes everything a lot easier.

    Also if working in winter it takes longer for the paint stripper to work about 30-45 minutes . And i needed to do muliple applications to get all the paint off. Below is a pic of one side of the wheel with paint striipper applied
    HINT: Make sure you gloop the paint stripper on the area not paint it.


    Now after this get ready for hard work. I used Autosol polish. I applied to polish first and then with a dremel got it right into all nooks and cranies. (patience and time is required). It has taken me about 12 hours to do 1 wheel and i find the results look great.
    I found that i had to do about 6 applications to get it to my satisfaction.
    HINT: Make sure you use clean white cotton cloth to get the polish off . The cloth will turn black and then use a clean bit of the cloth to do the same area until the cloth does not turn black anymore.

    Pic below


    Next step is working on the engine. I wopuld like to use an enamel and paint it but the only enamels i can find are Aluminium and Dark Grey . Can anyone suggest colors.

  20. Oh yeah, the wheels look great. If you take your time as you have done, you can get some great results. I only mentioned the powdercoating because I thought you were thinking of painting them? Less maintenance with powdercoating. You'll also probably have to spend the odd hour or two keeping those polished whees looking as good as they do.

    Regarding engine enamels, the VHT I used was aluminium (actually, I think it was the american Aluminum :wink: ), which is the closest match to the honda cases I found. What colour were you thinking of doing? I have a nice 'cast iron' that is a deeper grey, but haven't used it on a motor.

    Keep us posted. always good to see other projects coming together.