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Newbie Questions

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Jeffro1, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I am new here & new to riding. I am in NSW & am planning to get my bike licence in the next month or so. I am over 30 so will be considered a mature rider :grin: . I would like to ask for some Info/Input from the good folk on here. First of all i want a Cruiser but have no idea what are the best models i should be looking at? Any suggestions? I have heard people talk about "Forward" controls..... what does this mean? Considering i am a mature rider should i buy a bigger cc bike from the get go as i can pretty much go for my P's straight after i get my Learners?

    Sorry if some of this has already been covered elsewhere....would appreciate any advice.

  2. Welcome. First off, I'll say that my cruiser knowledge is very limited. That said, definitely go 600cc cruiser at least imo. And by forward controls I assume they're talking about not getting a cruiser where you're almost lying back, as its hard to control with that posture. A more upright posture is easier for learners. But at the same time, it'll still be laid back a bit, its a cruiser.
  3. Hi Jeffro and welcome.

    Forward controls are just extensions that puts the foot pedals and gear and brake leavers "forward".
    So if you sit on a little 250 and feel cramped ,you can buy forward controls to make you feel more relaxed ,and not have your knees around your ears.

    Get a yammi 650 cruiser straight way ,that will keep you entertained for a year.

    250cc are good to learn on but you will want more power ,2 weeks later.

    One guy in my P's test ,he had never ridden before and did the L's course ,and then hired a 250cc for a weekend rode it day and night and then done the P's course and then he could get what ever he wanted.
  4. Thanks guy's....yeah i was thinking a 250 might be a waste of money if i can go straight on to a 650......might be a good idea to stay on that for a year or so anyway I reckon even after i get my P's. I think i know what your talking about now with the forward controls....any of you guy's use them? Are they any good?


  5. You don't need them ,there for looks :cool: .
    Or if your 6'6 they might make you feel more comfortable.

    Go to the dealers and sit on every bike you can ,even sports or semi sports bike ,you might just change your mind on what style you like.

    I went from a semi sport bike to a cruiser and then back to a sports ,all in two and a half years. :roll:

    As much fun the cruiser is ,there is more fun to be had on a sport or naked bike.
  6. Jeffro,

    Being a mature-aged learner shouldn’t have a bearing on the size bike you buy. Being older doesn’t make you any less new to riding.

    Most punters will suggest you go straight to something like the XVS650, and they’re a nice bike. You will keep one longer than a 250, but it’s bigger bucks to outlay, and you’re going to be pretty unhappy if you drop it (which is a definite possibility when learning). Depending on your stature, you may or may not find the extra weight intimidating at rest or around car parks. Plenty of people buy them and love them.

    Don’t be too quick to dismiss the humble 250. They’re cheaper to buy and easier to handle. Sure, they’re not as quick as your 650, but that’s not such a bad thing starting out. And no, you’re not going to keep it for as long, but so what? Your next decision will be better informed and don’t be surprised if you skip over the 650 to something more substantial. I kept my 250 for seven months, went to an 800, and a year later am rethinking yet again.

    Either way, sit on and ride as many as you can before you dip into your pocket.
  7. The net is a great place ... you can see all the models ... make a list and then organise test rides ... I just did what you are going through now about 5 months ago ... ended up with the Suzuki M50 and have not looked back ...

    As others have said forward controls move the controls forward to let you have more room ... for the M50 this site (http://www.johnskits.com/) makes a kit ... and also shows pics of what they look like (about half way down the page).

    Basically if sitting on the bike and your knees are alittle high, moving the foot pegs forward an inch can make a large comfort benefit ... the kit is just linkages for the brakes and gear levers etc ...

  8. Welcome to NR Jeffro

    The yammy xvs650 (like mine :grin: ) is learner's approved. You can find on the RTA's site for a list of LAMs, then eliminate your selection from there. Like they always says "it wont be your last bike".

    I think you get your full licence straight after L's, that's if you're over 30, had your driver's licence for 5 years & no disqualifications...( forgot the rest ... lol )

    cheers & safe riding
  9. For what it's worth to you here's my experience. I am 47, (mid life crisis they called it) got my learners last Oct (07) jumped on a VTR250, rode for a little while till I got blown across 2 lanes going down a freeway in Melb, bought a cbr600f, weighs more than the 250, and alot quicker, silly me thinkin I was young, too quick for me so here I am in Jan 08 on an XVS650!! NSW has these as learner approved, I agree with the chap about the 250's being great to 'learn', the 650 weighs about 230 kgs as opposed to about 140 for a 250, how ever in windy conditions the 650 sits nicer. power wise, i must say the xvs650 is not a 'fast' bike but a pleasure to ride. Worse thing?? you cant test ride anything (in melb) until you have had some experience... I got my training in an industria estate where there were no cars til I got the confidence up!! like they, 'stay upright'
  10. If your looking for a used yamaha xvs650 custom Iv got mine for sale atm. Check the for sale section for a good deal.
  11. Mate. Welcome and some advise from others I know in Syd and are eligable for the mature rider scheme.

    1) Do your pre-learners course and get a feel for how well you take to riding and enjoy it.
    2) Try out crusiers, nakeds and even sports bikes etc and see what feels right for your posture and comfort in handling (you might be surprised).
    3) Do some additional training (so you don't have to buy a 250 or underpowered LAMS bike) and sit your provisional course. After this as a mature rider, you will get a full licence (no P's) in which you can but any bike you like without restriction (expect pillion).
    4) Hire, test ride or get pillioned on several larger bikes and find your choice.
    5) Consider a harley for a cruiser. Sounds like a plonk, but they hold thier value the best of any bikes.
  12. im 33 and got my first bike and licence in december. i live in a non rta area so didnt have to do the prelearner course just the cpu test then booked in the same day to do the ps test.had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment to become available so borrowed a mayes 250 kawasaki and rode that to work for the 2 weaks then used that for test. same deal though non rta area so only had 2 do a riding test at rta and not the course. the test was a ride around the block then emergency stop and u turn test over in about 6 minutes full licence in just 2 weeks from start to finish.had ordred my c50 prior to that so only had to wait a further 2 days for my 800. for me having only 2 weeks riding experience on a 250 before the test the 800 made me nervous riding out the dealers but by the time i got half way home i was feeling great so for me the 800boulevard has been a great choice good power and real easy to ride and economical as well
  13. Try the Hyosung GV650. I bought one when I got my L's and now that I have full licence I had it de-restricted. It becomes a completely new bike once you have this done!
  14. Well i have had a look & sit on a few bikes now & i have decided on a Yamaha XVS 650 Classic. So if anyone has one in the sydney area & are selling then send me a PM with the details. Thanks again for everyones input.


  15. Dario77,

    Sorry mate i can't PM yet. I am after a Classic not the Custom.

    Thanks Anyway,

  16. Hi guys,
    I read the thread with lots of interest. I am myself a mature rider who made the license last August. I have to admit I was even to scared to ride my first bike virago 250 home ( a friend did it for me). Since then I did many day trips and gained confidence. Last week I rode to Benalla (706 km) and when I came back I knew I have to upgrade. I am test riding today a Bonneville America. (sat on her yesterday) but I admit my heart is pounding caus she is much bigger 790cc.
    My advice is nothing wrong to start out with a 250 and build skills and confidents before you head bigger...cheers and stay upright
  17. My wife has never been on a bike before, Then I've got my VN900 classic July last year. At first she enjoyed being a pillion - then she did her learners. We've been lucky to have friends with an "standing in the shed" Virago 250 !! (both HD riders since ages!!) My missus learned and rode .. next step was open license with Q-Ride here in Qld. She passed the test (30 years of cage experience) and upgraded straight away to a VN800 classic. At first she really liked the yammy XSV 650 but after test riding she felt in love with the 800. The yammy 650 is a good looking cruiser IMO but think bigger ! Maybe you will more (= bigger bike ) after half a year or so. So test ride whatever you can and then make your decission.

    Just my 2 cent