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Newbie questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Madness, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone.

    Please forgive me if any of these questions have been asked before, I have had a quick look and couldn't find too much. Anyway, I am new to getting a bike and just want a few Q's answered by all you experts if you wouldn't mind.

    I have been looking at bikes this week. Leaning towards the Kwaka GPX250, but I also like the Honda CBR250. Someone mentioned to me that the CBR was a "grey import". Not knowing much about the grey imports. Would it be that much of a risk getting one of those sorts of bikes? If so, what is the risk?

    Which dealers in Melbourne (City and West/Nth West) would be the most reputable? As I haven't bought a bike before, I don't want to go somewhere where I may be ripped off completely. I've read up on here the tips for buying used bikes, so have a general idea. But just need a good dealer to look after me.

    With the used bikes, what's the best KM's to look at? as in, what is too much mileage? I saw a kwaka GPX250 with 16000kms the other day, I think it was a 2005 model (only think this because all the bikes in the same colour I have seen on the net were 2005 models) and it was $4500. Is that a good deal??

    Again I am sorry if I have asked many Q's which have been answered. It is hard coming to a new site and trying to navigate around. BTW, im a chick and just got my L's two weeks ago.

  2. Well, oh demented one, first of all, welcome the Netrider, where madness is a pre-requisite :LOL:

    I haven't bought a 250 or my first bike for 33 years, so I'll leave the recent wisdom to the recent experts :).
  3. 16000 km isnt much ofa worry for any bike. I wouldnt be worried about anything under about 50-60000km if it's been cared for properly.

    A 250 is generally a first bike only so dont think you're going to hang onto it for too long anyway.

    grey imports are generally older and higher priced than aussie spec models, and can be harder to get parts for. other than that, it's a japanese bike made in japan, like all the "aussie" models are too....
  4. Thanks heaps for ya info. LOL at the demented one, someone else used to call me that on another forum too... Infact, they still do. lol

    Nice to meet you all...
  5. You couldn't find anything in search? Look harder, your questions are asked more than anything else here.

    Nice to meet you :p

    And have a look at 'spot on' motorcycles.
  6. I guess I wasn't using the search function properly or putting the correct words in.

    Sorry about that.
  7. Hi and welcome Madness! :grin:

    The term 'Grey Import' is used to describe a bike that has been imported by a company outside of the manufacturer. So the CBR250 has some Aussie delivered models which were brought in to the country by Honda Australia and ALOT which have been brought in by private importers. Generally, the grey imports have been thought to be a bit more of a lucky dip in regards to quality.

    It is my advice to search for a Aussie delivered CBR if that is the bike you decide to go for, as all of the kilometres on the clock have been done in Aus.

    GPX or ZZR is not a bad start either.

    Edit - I should also say that, possibly, the reason 'Grey Imports' tend to get tagged as unreliable, is because Japan has a limit to the amount of kilometres a vehicle can do for environmental reasons. The bikes are then traded or sold, they then sit down on the docks until an importer snaps up a container of old bikes. This can be months and months of sitting down by the salt air where rubber seals can perish (not just whales) and other parts can rust etc. When the container arrives in Aus. they are complianced but not necessarily thoroughly checked over.

    Good luck and safe riding :)
  8. Welcome to the club Madness ! :)

    My first bike was a ZZR250, Im obviously biased but I think this was a great starter bike. A bit bigger than other 250's and very comfortable.
    Not a sports bike so a bit slower on takeoff, but pretty quick once you get going !

    As for dealers, I just bought my Triumph from Peter Stevens in Elizabeth St, they were really helpful and they are a reputable dealer.
    I would definately recommend them.
  9. i say ray quincey's on lil' latrobe, if only cos the people there are really really nice, and they don't act like ur a stupid girly bimbo who's only there to look cute on bikes (haha! they didn't see through my disguise!)
  10. LMAO @ hippo...... :LOL:
  11. i wouldnt let a grey import scare you off. if it's aus delivered or imported, as long as its in good mechanical condition, rides nice, suits your budget, and you (or your local bike shop) can service it, then buy it.
  12. welcome :newb:
  13. I have owned both a "grey import" cbr250 and now have an Aus delivered one. As long as you have the biked checked out before purchase, I see nothing wrong with getting an import...they are after all the exact same bike with a different compliance plate!
    From my experience, CBR's are virtually unbreakable and can take a lot of neglect.
    My first bike was a CBR250...it had not been started in 2 years. The owner had smashed it and left it sitting on its side for the better part of those 2 years!! I bought it, got it all cleaned up and gave it a good service...and it ran fantastically.

    Is there a reason that you are looking at buying only for a dealer? You may find that there are great buys out there if you look in the private sale market.....
  14. Oh all of that was fantastic advise. Thank you very much. I am a lot clearer on the grey imports now. Thanks.

    The reason I was going to go through a dealer is I have always had this perception private sales were dodgy. (oh and dealers aren't? hehehe) I think I was only going to go through a dealer because I have no idea what I am doing, don't have anyone to go with me so sort of wanted to look at a few on the one day at the same time if that makes sense?

    I'm a bit excited because my money should be ready to go by the weekend. Hmm I better get my arse into gear and get a helmet and gear too hey? Not going to get far with a pony tail as protection. lol

    This forum is fantastic. Thanks heaps
  15. Hi Madness,

    I was in your shoes just a short while ago and it is a little daunting (but exciting) given the significance of being your first bike and the one that you are going to learn on :cool: . You are absolutely right to go through a dealer like I did for a number of reasons:

    They know bikes (or should do) and will advise if a bike "fits you"
    They want your return business especially for accessories and servicing
    They can offer packages ie Bike, Insurance, Helmet, Jacket etc..
    They can offer discounts for Govt/State agencies ie Defence.

    Now I ended up with a great deal because of the above and there is no reason why you shouldn't expect a simililar expeience, remember they really want to sell you a bike as much as you want to buy one.

    I opted to buy new because of the warranty and the fact I didn't want that worry about the bikes history and concentrate on learning. It's worth thinking about if it's an option. Anyway good luck I look forward to hearing how you went.
  16. I'm looking forward to getting out there again Friday and Saturday. Will let you all know when i've done the deed!

  17. I am sure there would be plenty of people on here that would be willing to come along and assist in looking for your new bike.
    From what I have seen, bikes at dealers can be as much as $3000 more than private sale for the same model bike!!!
  18. Oh I didn't realise that Toya. Hmmm food for thought