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Newbie Questions for MSN Chat

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Okay you know your friends use MSN chat. You've created a profile, added their email address.

    I've heard they talking about how they chat In one big group. And if they have been offline they have to stroll up the top to see what they have missed.

    I logged in using a annonmous username, so they don't know its me, How are they chatting in a group ???. How can I see what they are saying ???

    Please help :grin:

  2. Stalking that plumber again PJ?

    You are developing a serious problem, and no doubt will become a person of interest to Charlie and the Chocolate factory some time soon.
  3. And yourself A Serial Pest :roll:
  4. 12 to 13 weeks seems to be taking a lifetime, are you still dreaming of becoming a bikie or are you still joining the farce, because attempting to do both will never work.
  5. depends on wether or not your friends are chatting in an MSN chatroom...or using MSN messenger.
    If they are in a chat room...you have to find out which one, and join it/them.
    If they are using MSN messenger...no point you being anon...cos you have to add them to your MSN buddy list, and they have to add you to theirs....once you are online in messenger you can chat one on one..or have a group chat and add who ever you like..as long as they are on your buddy list!
  6. Thanks for that Caz, Unforunatley I think that they are using Messanger.

    Scooter you don't meantion what you are riding, if anything :roll: .
    2ndly I know of at least 12 Police who ride bikes

    3rdly Not everyone can go straight out and buy a bike, they have to work to earn money.
  7. The who ?
  8. He means the force, Victoria Police force :wink: