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Newbie questions about parking and etags

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by trotsky, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I've just made the transition to having a bike as my main mode of transport :)

    However, since I'm now basically taking the bike everywhere, I just realised that I don't really know what to do with regards to parking and tollways.

    Some stupid newbie questions:

    - Other than designated motorbike parking, a friend who's a rider mentioned that I could park in timed bays without having to buy a ticket, I only had to observe the time limit. Is this true? Is it valid across all parking bay types in NSW?

    - Shopping centers... do you grab a ticket or ride around the boom gates? I assume that grabbing a ticket is way to fiddly on a bike but I don't want to just ride around the gates if you're not supposed to.

    - I can't seem to find a bike-sized etag anywhere. Does this exist? Or do I really have to strap a full sized one onto my arm or put it in my pocket? I remember once going through a tollway with my etag in the glovebox and it working just fine, does anyone know if it will work from under the seat on the bike too?

  2. I ride full time, NEVER pay for parking. Have a ROAM etag that is plate matched so it just sits at home, don't need to carry it
  3. It would really help to do a search and to post the STATE you are referring to in the topic heading not just the body. This question comes up time and again and the legal section in these forums are the answer to your questions.
  4. In case you are a [NSW] rider:

    Once you've registered your plate with myrta/ROAM etc, you don't need to carry an etag at all. Tips and tricks as to how to still avoid tolls is a discussion for another time ;)

    As for parking costs: I pay $10 full day when I ride into the city as it's a small price to pay for peace of mind that my bike isn't going to get damaged on street parking. As much as I have faith in other Sydney riders, they really can play the whole 'squeeze' game with street parking and you find yourself getting on your bike from the rear walking over the seat just to move it... ugh...

    Otherwise with shopping centres and the like, don't bother with a ticket, just go around the gates... The only carpark in Sydney that you CANNOT dodge the boomgates no matter how much you try is the Sydney Convention/entertainment centre carpark: sweet jesus that's locked down. Floor spikes, tight bollards, etc. Nightmare.
  5. Can we have the discussion now? :D
  6. As far as free parking in metered zones (up to the signage time) - this is for the City Of Sydney and I believe Parramatta was trialling it a while ago as well. Be careful though, I scored a ticket in a metered zone directly behind Sydney hospital (in Hospital Rd) on a day when all the m/cycle bays around that area of the city were full. Apparently, Hospital Rd is controlled by the Botanic Gardens Trust and does not allow any free time in metered bays for m/bikes. When I spoke to them, I was informed that the street signs carries a Botanic Gardens Trust logo which should have alerted me to the fact it wasn't under the City of Sydney's control and had to pay to park. As I hadn't ridden through the gates to the Botanic Gardens, I assumed I was still located in the City of Sydney's jurisdiction. Pfff... all the logos look much the same to me and who the hell looks at the street signs logos (opposed to parking signs) when searching for a park anyway? Suffice to say I wasn't successful in appealing the $88 ticket :(

    NB. I looked up the PDF (MotorcycleParkingMapAndTable.pdf) and noticed it was different to the one I checked at the time of the ticket. Updated in July 2012, it now carries a warning "Note: Motorbikes MUST pay parking fees in Botanic Gardens Trust area highlighted in GREEN". Previously it was ambiguous with a simple line drawn which could be read as bordering on the edge of the gardens rather than excluding Hospital St.