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Newbie question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pdbandit, May 4, 2007.

  1. Hi there

    New to motorcycling in Oz. Moved from UK 3 years ago and just bought first roadbike here. Wow what a great country for biking.

    I have a very simple question: Where is it legal for a motorcycle to park around the town etc in Queensland. Don't really see any bike bays but presume their must be. Are we able to use a car bay or not?

    Just joined netrider, looks great so far. Can't wait for my first rideout tomorrow.

    Thanks for any help given
  2. Yeah, you can use the car bays.
    Personally i think a bike can park where ever it can fit whether its legal or not is another question.
  3. In Victoria we are lucky because we can park o nthe footpath as long as we are not blocking any access.
  4. Welcome to the forums pdcruiser!

    Qld? what are you doing up there? Come down to NSW lol.

    Just kidding, anyway.

    Dont know about Qld but here in NSW any car spots are obviously fine, there are a few bike bays around and norm most people are pretty lax on where bikes park cause they take up so little room, a car space is just wasted on a bike.

    Anyway mate, enjoy riding!
  5. I got my L`s in Vic and moved to Brizzy...thought i`d get away with the Vic law of parking anywhere as long as not obstructing so parked on the footpath right outside Treasury casino ( near the kerb though) and returned to find a $75 fine strapped to the bar damn it :cry:
  6. Hey guys, thanks for the info.

    Moved to Qld as fed up with the cold, you gotta luv the climate. Makes riding so much more available.

    Looks like car bays are ok, but seems a waste to park there, just don't see any motorbike bays though. Oh well, looks like I will have to stay on it and just keep on riding!!!!!!!!

    Any more advice would be great.

    I need to start another question off on security, so off to do that now.

  7. parking in car bays is fine, there are some recognised bike parking spots in brisbane city itself, and most major shopping centres in brisbane now seem to have some marked bike bays....

    some footpaths in the city are fine too - just gotta watch which ones...and there are some spots under the south-east freeway as well.....

    but as for other areas of queensland, i don't know. happy to trawl round and see what i can find out.....
  8. Thanks Kezza01

    I will visit those sites and take a look.
  9. no worries.....btw - might wanta put which part of the state you're in in your profile too....
  10. Good idea, will do it now. BTW its Sunshine Coast
  11. this'll make it easier for people to answer any location-related questions you might ask....

    hope those links give you an answer - i'd love to say a 'clear' answer - but it's government.....how clear do you reckon they could be?
  12. Read the links, thanks again for those. They sure do like to make it tricky to read. Particularly pge 29 where their wording incorrectly tells you how long their picture of a sign says you can wait (sign says until 4pm, their explanation say 5pm). Anyway, I get the general idea.

    thanks again.
  13. Haha this thread just reminds me of something I saw in town. I just wish I wasn't on the bus or I would have taken a photo of it.

    You know those inverted U push bike racks in a row well basically a couple of dirt bikes had been parked in them along with some push bikes and there where 3 ticket inspectors standing around the racks writing tickets. It was funny as.....

    Anyway, I have nothing constructive to add :p
  14. I bet those ticket guys didn't know what to do with themselves lol

    Anyway, enough said on parking now. look forward to communicating again sometime.
  15. The "bike parking areas" are known but not specifically marekd in the city - they are turbot street near central station and ann street near the expressway entrance. There may be others I dont know - these are near my work.
  16. Thanks for the locations, I intend to come down to Brizzie during the week on occassions and will look for the bays.
  17. there's a pile on both sides of charlotte st near the corner of albert st - but they tend to be completely full by 7.30am with commuters.....there's also some underneath the south-east freeway behind george st - down at the parliament house end - i gather not normally so well attended.....
  18. There are also a few bike parking spots near the back of the myer centre - only a handful there though.

    Usually you get maybe 1 carparking spot changed into about 4 motorcycle spots near a cafe strip. Bikers and coffee go together like bikinis and jellywrestling.