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Newbie Question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just been and tried on a few helmets and jackets and a local Bike shop as i'm gonna start building up my gear just prior to getting a bike. Anyway my question is:

    When wearing a textile Jacket with Heavy duty, thick CE armour in the shoulders and elbows to the dig in/press against you when standing upright. The jacket was awesome except when i stand directly upright the should armour digs in alittle bit into my shoulder! Could this be i just needed to adjust the position of the armour or is this the norm (what i expect as they are designed to worn while riding).

    The Jacket is a Sunson at a GREAT price. The features are awesome, better quality then the other jackets there (Rjays and Dririder) and it is 40% off. It's got high Grade CE armour in the shoulders, elbow/forearm and back. Also it has Leather sewn over the shoulders and elbows for extra abrasion in these areas.

    What have you found when wearing jackets with CE armour in them??

  2. most jackets the armour is sewn into a pocket. Put your arm down the sleeve and you should be able to adjust it that way.
    BUT after you've adjusted it ,if it is still uncomfy don't buy it, it should be copmfortable in all positions.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with motodry/dri rider/rjay textile jackets, i know i have one and i sell them. The motordry duo for example has 1000 denier on the shoulders, and the coat itself is 600.
    And it feels comfortable in all positions :)
  3. Yeah i think i just needed to adjust it alittle. If you zipped out the liner on the jacket you could remove the armour by opening a velcro pouch which held the armour in. It said the Jacket was 1600 denier and then on top on that it had Leather patches on the shoulder and elbows.

    I'm going back tomorrow to try it out again as it was only a flying visit on the way past. I may of needed the next size up aswell though. I'm about 6'2 and 75KG. I'm not solid by any means, i'm pretty slim but i am very tall and it was only a Large jacket. I only had on a T-Shirt and wallabies football jersey on underneath and it felt 'snug'.

    I think the name was Sunson's Leather Patch. It's definately a Sunsons
  4. yep you sound XL to me :) :p

    most companies have the armour removable that way, i've come across a couple that you can from the outside, but most are from the sleeve.

    i've never heard of sunsons :)
  5. Thanks for your help Tanya. I'll try the XL on tomorrow, hopefully with better results. The thing that amazed me the most was the difference in Helmet's. I tried on an AGV, HJC, and Nitro. The Nitro was Really comfortable, the AGV was comfortable but not as good as the Nitro and the HJC was INSTANTLY uncomfortable when putting it on and it was the more expensive helmet ~$500 versus the ~$350 Nitro.
  6. helmet shopping...
    look at what your helmet is made from.. just fiberglass isn't that good.. you need a mixed polycarbonate/fiberglass one(the manufacturers call it all sorts of weird stuff), the cheaper ones don't have that..
    make sure it has a removable liner, easier to clean.
    Remember that it needs to be firm as the padding will compress

    If can afford it, with helmet shopping, the best made helmets are the Arai's, then shoei, agv, kbc, hjc etc..
    the arai has cool things like a chin curtain, vents in the visor etc.. they rock :)
  7. yep... all comes down to personal preference and the shape of your head - for me my HJC was more comfortable than anything else i tried on (unless i wanted to pay 800 for a shoei.

    did you end up getting the nitro?
  8. Didn't purchase anything today as there range was quite small for helmets (only about 6 kinds with 4 different brands). However i think i will definately get the jacket if it fits all good. It was originally $439 reduced to $257. YEE BABY. But i i had to have chosen one of those helmets it would definately have been the nitro
  9. Australian Standards sticker means a $100 helmet is as safe as a $1000 helmet look at fit, comfort, wear it for a while in the shop as a full day's ride will really tell! You could end up with sore neck, shoulders or a headache, focus on the chin strap if it rubs it will be a pain in the a**e Do you want D rings or a quick release. Do you want a full face where the lower half raises which will allow you to smoke or blow in the bag with more ease! do you want to attach sound gear i.e mobile phone, 2 way, cd, Ipod or intercom. Graphics & colours should be your last consideration cause they won't save your face or your brains! Buy your helmet but don't be sold!
  10. Thanks for the advice Bond. The only thing i disagree on is the line i put in bold. I understand what you mean by the AS1698 sticker meaning that any of the helmet meet the safety requirements. However a $1000 Shoei or Arai will offer much more protection than say a $130 THH helmet. Yes the THH helmet has met the AS requirement but i guarantee you that the $1000 will Exceed the level of protection that the $130 THH offers.

    Everything else you have said is sound advice which i will definately keep in mind when choosing the Helmet.

  11. Agreed up to a point I'm talking what is the minimum requirement you're talking maximum protection but all asd approved helmets are designed to keep your brains intact. If the rider doesn't have this basic requirement to start with then nothing will save him/her
  12. Bond girl, the more expensive helmets will be more comfortable, and the padding will last longer than a $100 helmet.. I get a lot of feedback from customers and they tell me the cheaper helmets are crap, the padding goes hard, and it's not removable to clean it.. Did you know you can change the padding on the shoei to suit your face?
    Can you explain to me why arai put the vents up high on the helmet and use the pod system on the side of the hemet?? I've had all this explained to me by people who know them inside out, and my next helmet will be an arai. Did you know that in the v8 supercars they use arai's?? and they have to pay for them? if you have a $100 head buy a $100 helmet as the saying goes..
    I want my head to be comfortable when i'm riding.. i'd rather spend the money and get something that's going to feel better for longer rather than save a few bucks.

    exactly how much do you know about helmets btw? i wasn't aware you were an expert?
  13. all a bit dutch to me but apart from Aussie standards being antiquated and shameful to say the least, a $130 will offer and in some models offer a higher level of safety than a $1000.

    Don't fall into the mentality that the pretty looking Aria offers more protection than the Boring Nolan which has been around for well over 30 years and there design refined to hell.

    There is another thing on helmets there are a few helmet test sites out there that show how shameful they really are in a simulated accident.
  14. I have a Nitro, there was a Nitro "promo" at a bike shop and got it for $185.

    Was dubious about buying it at first (being cheap), but as the sales guy had done the right thing by me before, and it was the most comfortable helmet I'd tried by far I gave it a go.

    I've been bitten way too many times in the past with "more expensive must = better", this has all the features of the more expensive brands, and IIRC passes the Euro safety tests.

    I think the padding has compressed a bit quicker than I expected, there is supposed to be replacement/adjustable padding etc available but I hope to change the helmet around the 12-18 month mark anyway.
    It has reasonable ventilation in summer, tends to fog a bit in winter, but an anti fog insert fixed that, and is really quiet, liner is removeable for cleaning.

    Personally, assuming the AS standard is met (for legality is OZ), comfort is the most important criteria, (much more than it's brand name, cool graphics etc), then ventilation, anti-fog design, noise levels etc.
    You can fix fog and noise with visor addons, ear plugs etc, but you can't easily correct bad ventilation, or a bad fit.

  15. Just out of curiosity what model Nitro was it??
  16. good question.......... :-k NV610?????

    It's in the garage, next time I'm out there I'll look and send you a PM.