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Newbie question - Trucks and You

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dehon, May 25, 2005.

  1. I'm picking up my first bike tomorrow and have to ride it a reasonable distance (40km) before it makes it home. The route that I am planning on taking to steer clear of inner city traffic will be on some single lane roads that does get a few trucks travelling along it.

    My query is, knowing how strong the "wash" effect trucks give off when travelling in my car, where should I be and what should I do when I'm on my bike and there is a truck travelling at speed coming along in the opposite direction.

    On a sidenote, if overtaking a truck going in the same direction, what tactics would I need to employ there as well.

    Thanks in advance

  2. the effect on bike is actually smaller on bikes, because we have less surface area IMO. Having said that, it still exists, so as in a car, just be prepared for a gentle steering adjustment if you get a blast from a truck. Nothing drastic required, you should be fine.

    Overtaking trucks, you will feel a slight air envelope on the sides of the truck and towards the front, as soon as you are a few meters out in front your fine. Again, nothing to realy worry about, minor steering input required to stay on track.

    A few trucks later, you'll have the confidence you need, just take it easy and you'll be cool mon.
  3. Dehon, from experience I tend to move a little further left when being passed by trucks going the other way, as for overtaking trucks, the best advice I can give is to make sure your bikes got the grunt, so you don't have that same truck on your six. Remember too, when coming up behind a truck you are going to come into it's wash and get buffetted, specially on the smaller bikes. no offence meant to your ride.

    for every question you will get 10 different answers, only experience teaches you which one was the right answer.
  4. Trucks and rain

    and just to add to the mix, trucks drop oil and diesel on the road, in between the wheel tracks, so after it rains or when it is raining, always ride in the left or right wheel tracks, not in the centre of the lane, cos it wil be greasy and dangerous
  5. Re: Trucks and rain

    ... which for various safety reasons you should do anyway, regardless of dry or wet.
  6. Thanks too all that replied. We'll see how things go tomorrow when I pick up my bike. Fingers crossed.

  7. good luck with tomorrow mate........... :D
  8. If you've got a front fairing on your sports bike use it to duck behind as the truck passes you. The "wind" effect is minimised greatly if you do that.
  9. One thing is for sure, you will have some of the best roads in Australia on which to ride and much less traffic to compete with too. Canberra is motorcycling paradise!! Good luck and good riding.
  10. I always find the sh!t that is being dropped from the truck is normally worse that the windblast. I think travelling behind the truck is normally worse than one passing you in the opposite direction. Be aware that a slight steering adjustment or lean might be required.