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Newbie Question on safety

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ananda22, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. i am a keen buyer for a bike but im constantly bombareded with people saying getting a bike is to dangerous its so frusrating...
    i feel riding a bike is like anything, u ride a car dangerously ur gonna get hert, u ride a bike dangerously ur gonna get hert? is this true?

    also im sure if u ride slow and keep out of danger then youll be fine? can anyone please comment on past experience or their opionion on safety!??

  2. Unfortunately 2 wheels is not as safe as 4 with a box around you, but you can minimise the risks with the right gear and the correct postion on the road.
  3. Buy the right gear, ride the right way and learn as much as you can. Everything else is up to chance.

    You will probably drop your first bike. If it's a road bike you will probably drop it on the road or in your driveway.

    You can't control other road users.

    It's more dangerous and expensive than driving a car.

    It's a lot more fun.

    Driving is simply locomotion, riding is passion.

    If you think you need to ride get your learners. If you finish your learner’s course and realise that you never want to travel any other way again, welcome to the club.
  4. Get some good rider training and tell them all to go fcuk themselves. If you want to ride a bike then do it. Othewise you'll always be left wondering.

    Just remember that the pesimists are right and there are plenty of morons out there ready to knock you off. Learn to ride safe, keep the rubber on the road and enjoy the hell out of it. :)
  5. It doesn't have to be more expensive (my bikes fuel bills are 1/6th of my cars), but it does have to be more dangerous.

    Everything on a bike is worse, be it gravel patches, wet tram lines, other traffic not seeing you and doing silly things... the learning curve is higher, the risks of stuffing up are more severe, riding a bike is crazy.

    So why do it? Because it's a f&ck load of fun! If your heart is in it, get good gear, ride within your abilities and do your best to stay upright. I love riding, have been doing it for less than 3 months and despite a couple of hairy incidents, haven't ever felt like I was in serious danger.

    Living life is a risk, but you're a mug if you stay safe by not living.

  6. Fixed wrote
    Wrong .
  7. In most cases its safer to ride fast and stay ahead of the traffic that was you don’t have to worry about morons in cars and if there’s some one in a car going faster give them lots of room and let them get past.
  8. Hi Ananda,

    Personally I tell people that it's like a game of chess, you've got to be thinking ten moves ahead. This takes allot of you mentally, but you'll learn to anticipate other drivers to an extent. If there's a chance that they'll pull out in front of you, expect them to and be ready for evasive maneuvers. You minimise the risk by thinking ahead, wearing the right gear and knowing your bike and it's capabilities.

    Now that the serious stuff is over and done with remember that it's the most fun you'll have with your clothes on. :D :D :D

    Happy and safe riding,

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  9. Umm, how can you just say "Wrong" to a probably?

    I said drop, not plow headlong into a car.
  10. Easy Fixed:
    "You will probably grow a third leg one day and everyone will call you tripod."

  11. Perhaps he meant "wrong" in respect to the term "first". very bike has a good chance of falling over at some stage. Iv'e had more than a few, and even the ones I've looked after have fallen over at some stage. Wonky driveways or tripping over whilst pushing them into the shed after a wash...., anything can happen so there's no point getting too precious with them or it'll end in tears.
  12. riding is dangerous yes.........but its worth the risk.
    same can be said for driving and flying.

    if you wear gear, are sensible, do extra learning courses, then you greatly reduce your risk.

    always keep in mind though that anything can happen on the road which may quickly end your time.

    give it a go, as your confidence and skill builds you'll know what we mean, its too addictive to give away.

    in my opinion as long as you are reasonably co-ordinated you'll be fine. some friends of mine are unco-ordinated/clumsy and i would definitely not like to see them on a bike!
  13. Andanda, in one of our other threads here (have to do a search) someone posted the stats for people killed and injured in cars vs people killed and injured on bikes in Victoria. They make interesting reading.

    If you just want to satisfy your curiosity about riding, find a friend who has a bike and see if you can go for a ride as a pillion a few times, to see what the sensations are. You may find you DON'T like it. Then you'll have saved your money, and you'll have your answer.

    But don't die not having found out, cos I bet if you DO do that, you'll buy a bike and follow the good advice above and become part of the fellowship of the road....
    My 2c
  14. Riding a bike is an active activity - therefore can be a lot of fun - even commuting. Driving a car is generally a passive activity.

    There are some base dangers/risk inherent to riding a two wheeled dynamically stable vehicle... but the rest is pretty much proportional to your attitude.

    Plenty of road craft tips in these fora to get that attitude adjusted properly...

    By the way, you should be able to self assess your own driving attitude/ability right now and get an idea of what risk you'll start with. e.g. Do you tail gate? Do you leave 2 second gaps? Do you head check every lane change? Do you drive to the conditions? How often do you get road rage? Have you got a lead foot? Poor crash history?? Are you interested in learning a new skill and way to ride/drive??

  15. My parents insisted that I should not get a bike (even though my dad used to ride) as they are "too dangerous". Dad came off at 100kph as a youth doing stupid stuff & is now deaf in one ear.

    So, as I always do when my parents tell me to not do something, I got a bike!

    Just make sure you a) attend the required training, b) always wear the right gear and c) expect car drivers to do the unexpected & you have a better chance of surviving.

  16. A poll on that anybody?
  17. Hi Ananda,
    I've been riding for about 2 months now and I love it so much. Best fun ever, especially being a girl I find you get lots of looks, and im always smiling when I ride cause Im just happy to be on the road with the wind in my hair.... But I take the safety aspect very seriously and practise alot and only ride in full gear.

    On one of my first big rides I had a van try and run me off the road (even with a big L plate on the back of me) and then he went on to try and run my bf off the road. Some people just dont like bikes.

    I hope you do weigh up the pro's and cons of riding. It isnt for everyone. But if you do decide to ride. Buy all the gear, do the courses, practise as much as you can, and look out for cagers. Oh and if you're in Melb there'd be lots of girls, myself included, happy to go on some rides with you.

    PS. I dropped my first bike. It wasnt in MY driveway, but was A driveway so close enough. I came to a complete stop, put my foot down and just kept leaning hehe. No harm done to my naked ride.
  18. Good sound advice every one, I nearly backed out and wanted to sell the bike before I got my licence, but I persisted, and I am glad I did, I love it, I have covered over 6000km in 2 months, and I ride every day..almost, and cover about 100-150kms per day, not that I am going any where in particular, but i love it so much, and believe me, you will too, the wind, the sights, smells, the other riders noding and waving, girls on the street waving at you and cheerin ya on (im serious too) kids gawking at your bike at trafic lights, its a damn hoot!
  19. hey captain, want to send some of those girls down to Wollongong, I could use that sort of encouragement when I ride past :LOL:
  20. An old biker said to me once, "always wave at the kids - they're the future of biking."

    So whenever I pass a people mover loaded with kids and they're checking me out... I wave back :)

    One little girl gave me the finger the other day... I was laughing my head off :D