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Newbie Question - How to buy tires?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by magin, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hello Guys and Girls,

    I just got my learners and a vtr250. The front tire on the bike doesn't have much more than 1.5mm tread depth and the rear tire has a few balder patches like the previous owner had been locking up the rear wheel. Anyway, I need to replace both tires.

    How is this done? Do I ride the bike to a tire shop? Or buy tires and then fit them somehow myself? I'm not confident enough yet to be riding around the city, so if fitting tires yourself is not a good idea, I would need to get a friend to ride my bike to a shop.

    Also, being a non-confident learner, I want everything in my favor, so I am prepared to spend more money on grippier tires and longevity is secondary to performance.

    Thanks, Sam
  2. Ride it a biksehop for sure, they will remove and replace the tyres for you. Pablos in Melbourne is highly recommened, ring them first to see if he can fit you straightaway if it is that urgent
  3. Fitting tyres is a bastard of a job without the right equipment. Either ride the bike in, or take the wheels off and bring them in. (2nd option may or may not be slightly cheaper - less labour charge)
  4. Thanks for the replies. I think I might have to take the wheels off and bring them into a shop. Any suggestions on the kind of tyre?
  5. Do bike shops accept new tires purchased elsewhere? ... like... overseas?
  6. Can you clarify... as if if you bought them and brought them in? If so see no reason why they would not fir for you providing they meet all the standards
  7. I have taken tyres to a tyre shop for fitting, they charge you for the labour, normally pay around $15 - $20 if the wheel is off the bike.
  8. Get it to a shop, while its there get them to look the bike over for other potential problems.

    Not sure where you are but Pete fro E2W is always pretty a straight up kinda guy.
  9. Sam,

    taking wheels off bikes isnt that easy for a novice, it isnt the same as a car wheel, where its 4-5 nuts and away you go. On a there's brakes, the chain and other items which make things alittle tougher.

    If you want to discuss tyres, best talk to a shop to.

    where are you located? i can name a good shop who can discuss all this with you, i got a vtr aswell, im out western sydney way.
  10. If you're not confident enough to ride to a bike shop, how do you plan on gaining confidence?
  11. how did it get a roadworthy with tyres that bad?
  12. also there's the question of release agent...
  13. Do you know someone else who has a bike license? Get them to take it to the shop for you. If that's not possible then just go when it's not peak hour, just don't think about how scary it is going to be and ride.
  14. TYRES !!!!!!!!!

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  15. Yeah.. Eye noticed that two :D

    I'd sae go four a ryde two the bike shop. It'll bee fun, and also offer sum grate riding experience. It might cost a little moore, but at lease ew will no yore bike ease all war king as it should, which will allow ew too bee moore confident that the bike itself is not going too give you any nasty surprises (like a failed break leaver!)

    note: writing with homonyms is harder than it looks :D
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  16. Ah well, I'd never rode a bike before doing the prelearner course in NSW, so for the first few days of owning the bike, I was sticking to quieter streets around Maroubra and not going all over sydney.