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Newbie Question: Does everyone remove reflectors on bikes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Davi5678, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. So, do people remove the reflectors that seem to come on all new bikes, like everyone who rides pushi's does?

  2. Nah, visibility is actually kind of helpful. That sort of act is for fashion victims.
  3. LOL true, but then most roadie cyclists are fashion victims! (myself included) and it saves like 100 grams off your pushi, which obviously don't matter when you have kilowatts to play with!
  4. I've left mine on, and others keep telling me to take them off! But then I like my bike being stock; and I like being seen. The only thing I've changed is to ADD reflective stickers :grin:
  5. Nothing wrong with that, Pinx
  6. Re: Newbie Question: Does everyone remove reflectors on bike

    The reflectors are a roadworthy & ADR item and as such must remain on the bike.
  7. I think he means the ones on the forks, which aren't ADR required. These help people see you coming out of a sidestreet where you might otherwise be invisible. If you don't have them on thats ok, just use your indicators wisely and act like you are blind, don't rely on people slowing down once you come out of the intersection.
  8. Leave em on, they could save your life.
  9. I replaced the red reflector on the back with a strip of reflective tape about 12cm long. It was better at reflecting at night and looked better than the chunky push-bike reflector it originally had.

    The only place I could find this tape sold is at supercheap auto. Sticks very well too.
  10. Re: Newbie Question: Does everyone remove reflectors on bike

    No... and I haven't removed them on my pushie either...

    Of course I have a touring pushie with panniers and not one of those flimsy roadies :p
  11. They look shit.

    I do like the optimism that someone will fail to see you, your headlights, breaklights, flailing hands and loud muffler but see the itty-bitty reflectors.
  12. From the side what can you see of a motorcycle at night? :grin:

    Nothing, thats why I use the indicator on the side of oncoming traffic when I'm pulling out of a sidestreet.
  13. On of the reasons the police pull bikes up for tail tidies! is they do away with reflectors! as stated before they're a legal requirement.
    I have made my own tail section/subframe and minimalist number plate mount yet still have reflectors for that reason.
  14. Do you have hazard lights?

    Aren't both directions of traffic when pulling out of a side street "oncoming"??
  15. took them off. i just assume no one will see me anyway,and take precations..
    (yes i have hazard lights on the thou).
  16. You can usually see the headlight, and indicator (If they are turning towards you, if it's dark you can often see the glow from the other side as well.) You can usually see some items of clothing and stuff on the helmet. It's an extra precaution that you guys understandably take, but by my logic the car that hits me side on at night, and misses all the above isn't going to see me if i have reflectors. :wink:
  17. I figure that every little thing might help.

    So should we ride around with the hazard lights on permanently? :LOL:
  18. its a semi-stupid topic when the reflectors are put on the bike by safety laws to help protect the rider. removing them is like removing the seatbelts from your car. possible but stupid.
  19. and i take it you never exceed the speed limit,as that is also a safety law. does that make you stupid too?
  20. haha gsxr movistar.
    i do exceed the speed limit from time to time.
    i also am extremely stupid for doing it.
    i funnily enough was just in a car accident today, head on. i was going straight at about 50 - 60 km/h in the car .... BANG!! .... 2 totalled cars, wasnt my fault either. someone turned right into me.

    on the bike if i were doing 80 km/h on the bike, i woulda come out second best.
    this time i just had a bit of whiplash, but on the bike at 80, when someone whips out in front of you, i wouldnt want to even think about where id be.

    good luck to you on the road mate!