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Newbie question - changing spada pads

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GuttedEwok, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. I'm cleaning up my old spada getting ready to flog it off. This is gonna sound like a REALLY dumb question, but does anybody know how the hell i get the brake pad pin plugs off? Got me stuffed.

  2. its a biatch... Get one of those screwdriver bits (i think its a hammerdrive) where you hit the driver on the back with a hammer and it turns as well.... Good for stubborn screws. That cap is just a safety cover. What do u want for the bike anyway? Need parts? (i have a spada graveyard, i have 4, looking for more...)
  3. Yeah, couldn't work out if i'm supposed to turn the head on the cap or just pop it off. So I'm supposed to turn the cap and undo it yeah? Na, don't need anything for the bike, just wanted to take the pads off so i can soak all the metal in WD40 and then pressure hose it off to get it nice and clean. If you're interested in the Spada to add to your graveyard let me know, in reasonably good condition, has a small exhaust leak somewhere and rear wheel bearing needs attention but apart from that it's ok.
  4. The tool you need is an impact screwdriver... From bunnings abount 35 bucks, and you will use it again if you continue to ride bikes and work on them...

    Or you could just use CT18 truckwash instead of wd40 as it has zero alkaline and non acidic ect and is safe for brake pads. Its cheaper too, from your local autobahn ect...
  5. Thats what i used on ur brakes mate. Works a treat on seized bolts.
    Try autobarn, found the one there was better then the ones at bunnings, and cheaper
  6. excellent. thanks for the heads up mate!