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Newbie Question: can you transport a bike liying down?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by philistine, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Im in the process of buying my first bike, a little 125cc dirt bike - paddock basher - and Ive been wondering, Can you transport a bike lying down?
    I always see bikes tied down upright on trailers and utes etc. and I assume that there's a reason.
    The reason I ask is because when I was younger I remember my mate would put his peewee80 in the back of his station wagon lying on its side and then we'd pull it out and ride without problems...

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I've seen it done.

    I personally wouldn't do it though. Bikes are designed to always be upright, so shit starts to go wrong when its lying down. Someone with more experience in the area can tell you exactly what will happen, the only thing for sure that I could say is that it'll be flooded. Not that thats really an issue though..
  3. so then perhaps lying to one side as apposed the the other would be (slightly) better?
  4. Have a look around the engine and find where the crank case breather comes out. This is, as implied, a breather for the crank case, so oil in the sump will run straight out of it, usually into your airbox or directly into your carby. Results will vary from a mess, to a hydaulically locked engine. If its on the right or left side you should be able to just tip it the other way.

    Apart from that, fuel. Breather plug again may leak fuel. Turn the fuel tap off, but you might have to drain the tank before transporting.

    You'll be right. Get to where you're going, fill her up with fuel, maybe have to pull the plug out and dry it. Chances are it'll end up upsidedown a few more times once you're riding it anyway. ;)
  5. You have them upright, so you dont damage the side of the bike when its lying in the trailer.
  6. personally wouldn't do it with a four stroke (see thread in technical on the bike that fell over), but on a two stoke, as long as fuel doesn't flow out the breather, should be okay
  7. I've transported a 2-stroke pocket bike laying on its side in a station wagon - didn't have any problems. Just like everyone else has said, make sure fuel/oil breathers aren't going to leak, and off you go!
  8. I would not transport any bike lying down.

    Fuel, oil and battery acid goes where they shouldn't. Remove all of those...no problem.
  9. its the little things that will give you problems, like battery acid and brake fluids, it may not leak out but you may get air in the lines if the brake fluid is low. I work in the mineing industry where trucks do some times tip over due to over loading or the ground giving way under them, the rule is if a truck is on its side for an hour it has to be back on its wheels for an hour before its started, this is just to make sure all fluids are back where they should be......
  10. That's interesting info, guys, thanks.. That may be an answer as to why when I drop my 1984 GSX550EF on its right side, why it leaks about 1/2 a cup of fuel, as my fuel breather pipe is on the right side..

    It seems to be a lot of fuel loss, thoough.. would this be normal for a 550 inline 4??
  11. probably fuel leaking out of the tank overflow