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Newbie question about the Choke.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GentileBrah, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. So I apologise in advance for my basic question and questions to come. Put it this way, I have never rode a motorcycle before now, never been around them, never known anything about them except for my interest in them.

    Anyway my question...

    I recently bought my first bike, a Laro 250cc cruiser. I pretty much have the basic controls figured out except the choke. I understand you use the choke when the engine is cold. On the left side of the handlebars, the choke lever is pulled down to do this. Right...?

    Two problems...

    When I pull the choke lever down and start the engine, sweet. Except the choke lever doesn't stay down, it starts to slide back up.

    Secondly, when it slides up or I push it back up after about 5 mins it shuts off the engine completely.

    How do I properly use a handlebar lever choke correctly? I don't want to ruin my first bike!

    Thanks in advance.

    I think I'll be buying the idiot's guide to motorcycles :(.
  2. Your engine shouldn't be shutting off after 5 minutes with no choke - that's odd behavior. Well, perhaps not odd given that you have a chinese motorcycle.

    First of all, the choke should not slide back on its own, I had this on my first motorcycle too and when they replaced the choke they replaced it with one that held its position by its own - tell them that you want a choke lever that won't slide back by itself.

    The choke is an enrichment device. Cold engines don't like to run - putting the choke on causes more fuel to be sent through the pilot (idle) circuit of your carburetor. The idea is that you put it on full whack to start the engine, then put it down to half way. Start putting your motorcycle gear on at this point. After a few minutes of the engine running with choke halfway, you are ready to turn the choke off completely and GENTLY ride your motorcycle.
    Use this method as a baseline until you find out what works best for your motorcycle.

    Personally, my bike likes me to put choke on 3/4, then immediately to a little over half way, and after about 10 seconds it will run with no choke at all - I turn it off mid way through putting my gear on. Use as little choke as your bike needs to start and as little choke as your bike will relatively happily warm up on; using an unnecessary amount of choke will cause your spark plug(s) to foul prematurely.

    I hope this hasn't been too confusing for you and good luck with the riding (y)
  3. Not to confusing at all. I appreciate the tips. I will talk to the dealer in the next week. Until then, is it okay to pull and hold (since it slides up) the choke lever down, start it up, wait the 5 minutes, turn off the engine and then start it again with no choke on?
  4. I had a guy on my Pre provisional have one of these bike, he said his didnt need any choke to start it.

    So maybe try not using much and see how it goes.

    Also watch you rear brake, his jammed on, several times.