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Newbie question about servicing advice and costs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by pmacleod, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm new at this whole bike thing, so bear with me :grin:

    I took my 16 month old GS500F to Action at Parramatta today, to get a weeping front fork seal looked at and a general post-purchase checkover done (I bought it a month or two ago.) As it was over time for a service the manager advised I get the 12k service done even though it only has 10250-odd on it. Fair enough I said.

    I got the bill, and it was $560.82. That included oil, filter and the usual things you would do at 12k's, plus a "valve adjustment" of some sort, I assume timing.

    Is it just me, or is that a little bit high ? I thought bikes were cheap to run...I wouldn't pay that for a 10k service on a car let alone something with half the wheels and a whole lot less complexity.

    With the fork seal, it's a slow weep so they told me not to worry about it and that the fork is acting normally. What the ??? That doesn't sound right, but like I said I'm new to bikes so maybe it is ?

    In fairness to Action, the bike does idle more smoothly and pick up better on light throttle openings than it did when I dropped it off, and the slack chain is now obviously tensioned better.

    What's the general consensus on dealer servicing ? Worth the money, or would I be better off looking around for a quality independent in the Ryde-Parramatta area ?


  2. And guess who probably serviced the bike?
    Mr $10 per hour 2nd year apprectice, that they charged you $88 per hour for. That there is some good margin, $60+ per hour.

    That is steep for a GS500, but dealers are good at robbing people legally.

    I have no problem paying for experienced tradesmen the going rate of say $88 h/r, but I do take exception being charged for an experienced tradesman, and only getting a 2nd year apprectice.

    And before you all scream and whine that running a workshop costs money, why is it independant servicing outlets who have dyno's and more modern equipment can charge $66 h/r and still make money with experienced tradesmen doing the work......

    I would also be asking them about the 2 year unlimited km warranty, because that leaking fork seal should have been replaced no question. If that seal starts pissing, it will not only make the bike feel bad in the front end, but may leak enough oil to affect brakes if id runs into caliper/pads/discs. Not to mention the insurer you might have taking exception to any claim deemed your fault for riding it in an un-roadworthy state (you can bet Action will deny saying it's ok when you try to pass the buck to them)

    This though is typical of Action, they suck, and they charge plenty for doing it.
  3. +1

    560 is definitely too high - My last major service with more than double your kms was that much, and it included ALOT more, as well as new fork springs and oil, and new steering head bearings. You got ripppeedd hard... assuming what you've listed is everything they did.
  4. 500 bucks for a service on an air-cooled twin :shock:.
    Sounds to me like 100 bucks for parts/consumables, 200 bucks for labour, and 200 bucks worth of :bannanabutt:
  5. Thought as much. Just for reference, the invoice says they did the following

    - Replaced engine oil
    - Inspect air filter
    - Inspect carburetion
    - Lubricate pivots
    - Inspect brake fluid
    - Inspect tyre wear
    - Adjust & lube chain
    - Inspect suspension
    - Replace oil filter
    - Replace spark plugs
    - Retension chassis
    - Lubricate cables
    - Inspect brake wear
    - Inspect tyre pressure
    - Inspect steering
    - Inspect electrics

    Total - $390 ex GST

    Parts/consumables used were (prices ex GST)

    - Motul 5100 Synthetic oil - $39.60
    - Emission service - $42
    - NGK spark plugs x 2 - $8.18 (I assume each)
    - Oil filter - $9.31
    - O-ring, oil filter chamber cap - $5.25
    - Misc charges - $10
    - Environmental levy - $5.50

    On the fork seal issue, I said I expected it would be covered under warranty and was told it wouldn't be....I was prepared to argue the point but it didn't get swapped anyway.

    So who are the good guys to go and see ? Recommendations count more than a shiny reception area at the workshop.


  6. :LOL: That explains why my ass was hurting on the ride home JD :wink:

    Bugger all this negativity though, I'm going to go for a ride later and enjoy myself...may as well get some value out of my million-dollar GS :biker:

  7. Yep, they would have done all of that in under 2 hours and 90% of it you can do with very little mechanical ability whatsoever. Shouldn't have been anymore than 200 IMO.

    I take my bike to motorcycle weaponry in monavale. It happens to be the closest as well. I went to a couple of different places before I found this one in monavale and its by far the best for quality, communication and its priced fairly.

    I designed a new site for them, which they haven't gotten back to me about yet.

    The old one:

    My updated version:
  8. And you will notice alot of whats noted there is visual inspection which takes 20 secs each item. You would also be silly to think they actually visually inspect each part as noted, they just do the replacing of parts/oil, and wash it then send it out. That list is often derived from the listed requirements of manufacturers for each particular service, and they just re-print it to your invoice.

    So they have quoted for like 4 hours labour?? It probably too 1.5 hours.
  9. Phiz, do you do web design?
    If so I may have a little job for you and some pocket money.
  10. Hands up those of us who ride because its cheap? :?

    Anything over a 125 scoot costs more than a small car to run. :shock:

    We ride because we love to ride............

    Welcome to bikes mate. :wink:
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  12. Im also trying to get used to the pricing of motorcycle servicing over cars. Ijust paid $350 for my 1000k first service on my 2007 Suzuki GS500F at Hornsby Procycles. Was actually wanting to ask if this is competitive, as I have no idea what to expect...
  13. I got my cruiser serviced and it was a major and it was only $400 at actions ,and from what I guess mine is more difficult to service being a newer model. With value check that takes abit of time.
    Either way ,that's way to much IMHO.

    Also Action is $99 an hour labour.:shock: .
    So they took 4 hours to service it :?

    And just to rub it in ,there got a service special this month, you just had to tell them ,you knew about it and you get 10% off. :wink:

    Ring another suzuki dealer and get a quote ,it won't be more then $400.
  14. $99 an hour at Actions??

    Who the fark are they kidding?? :shock:
    The city operations is under new management and the mechanics change there like underwear. they are rude, arrogant, think they are special, do 1/2 what they are supposed to do, and then lose farking bits off your bike.

    I had my GSXR1000 first service there, they lost the bolts holding the tank down, then reckon they werent there when I brought it in, with all of 800km on the clock.
  15. Yeap $99 an hour :roll: .

    Like what was said before ,the 2nd year machanic on $12 hour does the job. :?
  16. It's not a job that requires a lot of skill - a second week mechanic should be able to do it.


    Trevor G
  17. Thats the point ,its a easy job .
    And they charge you like a fully licenced trades person, so its $87 for hire of a spanner and screw driver.
  18. got a vague feeling there is a set cost for the scheduled services. does anyone know?
  19. action parra. are a fcuking rort!

    have only ever had an odd inquiry with them and yet i always feel i need to shower after. phooey!
  20. I will let you know how much my GS500F 12000k service costs at Springwood Suzuki on Monday, then you can have a comparison cost for dealer servicing :)