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Newbie Q: Ridng possie on Cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bmacka67, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. ok so now I have my Virago I been for a cpl rides and tonight wanted to ask for you experts out there's thoughts... I learnt on a CBR 250 and HART trainers emphasised hugging tank with legs and relaxing upper body...on the Yammy should my legs still squuze the tank?
    I was aware tonight that i was really stiff in shoulders/arms riding ..need to work on that! and I presume "hug" tank with legs still?


  2. im no expert but i always keep myself lose in the upper body or else i get cramped up. Legs i hug the tank but not to tight. I guess watever makes you feel comfortable and secure.

    Dont take what i say as gospel i have only been riding a couple months
  3. The tank hugging gives some relief on the arms and wrists when riding on a "sports" bike (leaning forward) ... a crusier is more sit up and beg ... or even sit up and stretch :grin: ...

    when going over bumps etc hugging the tank can help ... but agreed what ever feels comfortable and secure ... the more you ride the more you will find your own style ... long distance, a windshield can help take some of the pressure off the chest ... I've just ordered a Memphis Hellcat for the M50.

  4. Don't need to hug the tank too much on a cruiser but keeping the knees in is a good riding posture. Less drag and more balance.

    Safe riding :)
  5. Tank hugging with your knees works well for non cruiser type bikes.

    Cruisers naturally stick your feet out in a different direction toward the breeze & often you will might feel pigeon toed or uncomfortable if you try to continually grip your knees with the tank while riding. Being tense & uncomfortable is not good.

    Sometimes if the weather is windy, leaning one knee against one side of the tank can help stability but otherwise you will find riding without worrying about gripping your knees to the tank is much more natural/comfortable.
  6. Hi, I am new here and only beem riding for about 5 months, started on a VTR250, was great but wind blew me across 2 lanes on Melb Citylink, Hmm, bike too light I thought!! So bought a cbr600f, bike heavier, sits nicr but my wrists didnt like that bike, also bike too quick for me, too old for it I thought, so got an XVS650 Classic. Love it, I ride to work daily in traffic so many tossers but I never let them spoil my ride.. I found in the wind the legs get blown around (thats how relaxed I am riding it) so only tuk em in a little when need to, also found the 'stand and stretch a little' when traffic stops helps big time. I am only a novice but this cruiser keeps me safe and happy!! Got a damn flat spot at the moment, anyone know of a good and reasonable place to get it tuned?? I am near Moonee Ponds. cheers. Sorry if I babbled too much :)