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Newbie push starting VTR 250 - have I broken it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dazza139, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. I was installing a GPS device onto my VTR 250 today so that it could charge off the battery while riding. Unfortunately I flattened the battery by leaving the headlights on too long while I was doing it.

    I managed to jump start twice my running down the road and putting it in second. Unfortunately after the last time the bike lurched away from me and we ended up in small pile on the grassy verge :grin:

    Only problem is now when I try and jump start all I get is compression locking of the back wheel i.e. the engine doesn't turn over at all. I've tried it at a pretty good running speed and in every gear but just can't get it to start. I left it for 3 hours after the original drop thinking that it might just be flooded.

    Have I broken something? It wasn't a very big fall!

    Any suggestions of what I should check?
  2. At a guess, yr battery is dead flat, and yr bike wont even start with Hulk Hogan jump starting it.. You just need to go buy a battery charger (~$25) ..

    Same thing happened to my VTR-250 through winter .. battery totally dead. Had to recharge it, then it was all back to normal .. I did try the jump starting thing in vein also..

    Make sure the charger u get is for a 12Volt battery also.

  3. Mate two things to do !! . first pull your plugs out second charge your battery , if it is compresion locking?. once you charge your battery turn her over a couple of times to expel all the excess fuel from the cylindars then replace your plugs and ill bet she starts like a champion .
  4. Thanks this makes sense. I will go out and buy a battery charger tommorow. Does it have to be bike-specific i.e. if I buy a 12 V car battery charger will it be OK?
  5. No. A high capacity car charger is unsuitable - you need something around 4A.

    All your answers are here:


    Trust me. I've had to do the same job on a VTR 250

    Trevor G