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Newbie pom in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by carpetbelly, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    I've lurked around for a while but thought I'd register and join in now I've got my Pre Learners booked. Long wait till April but at least it's booked :D

    I did a course back in the uk on an ER-5 for the uks direct access scheme but had 3 tests cancelled on me due to weather and then moved so never had a chance to sort it out unfortunately.

    Would love a monster 620 or varient of that description for the first bike. But given that the only monster I've known was my mates bros. And it got nicked and broke down more times than what he rode it I might stick with something like the GS500 or CB400.

    That's assuming I pass everything ;)
    And my height (5'11") and weight (errr, being a pom Im normally in stone, time for google and conversion! 120kg, wow, by that mark I lost 35kg last year as well then, sweet, that sounds a better number than in stone! lol!) is suitable for these bikes which from what I've read on here I shouldn't have an issue with.

  2. Hey carpet - welcome mate.

    A pom...English?
  3. ...is it disturbing that I read that thread as 'newbie p0rn'? Damn iPhone fonts!
    Oh...and Welcome!!
  4. Think it says something about your state of mind :)
  5. yep, defo english...

    and nothing wrong with reading p0rn. Hmmm boobies :D
    Sorry. Mind wanders.
  6. Where in Sydney are you?
  7. Just moved down to Alexandria, though if you ask me, it's defo more Redfern being a couple of mins walk to the station. Saying that, the flat I'm renting has a dedicated 'scooter' space so I fancy filling that up with something cooler hehe.
  8. Welcome to the forums CB, Wednesday night coffee meet is just around the corner from you (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=83942), I've been meaning to go there sometime.

    don't worry I read it that way as well ;)
  9. Greetings fellow immigrant, I too come from Ol' Blighty. Have fun out there.
  10. Bad weather in the UK? Who would have guessed :p.

    Welcome :)
  11. hehe indeedy :D
    And thanks for the details for that meet. Once I've got my L's and a bike I think I'll try to make a couple of those after some practising as it has been a while since I've even got onto a bike.

    Roll on mid April, can't come quick enough now lol
  12. Welcome!

    I'm on a PC with a 22inch monitor... what's my excuse for reading the same thing!! :angel:
  13. Don't tell me they have specified that it's a 'scooter' space?
  14. And I have a body with a 22" part on it

    Ohhhhh pom, sorry
  15. Welcome to NR carpet. Friendly sorta place as you can already tell :)
  16. Oh they did... And I just laughed

    and yes, friendly and mad. People with p0rn on the brain obviously, so I might fit in quite well.
  17. +1 for newbie p0rn
  18. I only came into this thread cause I thought it said newbie p0rn.

    Like many others, I'm now severely pissed off and horny.
  19. Welcome,fellow POM