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Newbie Please Help With A Bike!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Woolle, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. G'Day ladies and gents,

    My name is Michael I'm 21 years of age, i live in Wyndham Vale Victoria 3024. and i go for my license on the 8-9th December.

    In the meantime i have been looking at bikes with my uncle who has ridden for over 10 years.
    To cut a long story short, i am interested and want your opinion on a MENEGELLI Liquid Coolled 250r 2012 model. Can i have your thoughts, experiences and opinions on these bikes Pros and cons Or any other relevant information you may have about this bike would be greatly appreciated many thanks Woolle.
  2. Menegelli does not show up in the first page of google results, I'd stay well away from it.
  3. Apart from it's looks, I have not read anything positive about them, much like Hyosung.
    Stick to the well known brands rather than the lesser known ones. Do you have a budget?
  4. megelli* >?
  5. Sorry yes a megelli*
    Went and had a look at a Kawasakis 2003 solo 250r $3k thoughts?
    As looks like ill be avoiding that one!
    What would use recommend?
  6. honda vtr 250 ...kawasaki gpx 250....kawasaki ninja 250...honda cbr 250....the first three i've suggested will be easy to pick up a late 90's early 2000 model for reasonably cheap in ok condition....
  7. HOw much wou
    ld you pay roughly for a 2003 kawasaki gpx 250 only done 7k km?
  8. Also where is the best place to buy jacket pants gloves, helmet etc. Which is reliable and doesnt cost an arm and a leg!
  9. *shrugs* price n clothes ? not sure mate....i live in sydney...and i tend to favour the early 90's 250's....like that gpx your talking about is essentially the same design and motorbike from 1988 up until 2007...so don't be afraid to get abit of a older version than 2003 to save a few bucks...permitting your uncle ok's the bike's in good nick of course
  10. the irony of
    cost you a arm and a leg
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  11. Arrggghhh fair enough thanks for that mate, yer his looked after it, regular services and not a hoon and well looked after. So ye
    What clothes would you recommend brand wise?
  12. *shrugs* most gear does the job - gotta consider what condition's you'll be riding in the majority of the time....coming into summer you might want to opt for a mesh jacket with armour inserts ....i just got low end gear that has survived me a few slow speed stacks pretty well...."shift" & "rjays" gear
  13. Thanks alot for your help mate :)
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  14. Michael, for cheap gear try the AMX outlets. There's one over your side of the city from memory.
    And I have been riding a VTR for about a year. Never let me down, can corner on a 20 cent piece and has enough guts to get me out of trouble. Even when I'm ready to upgrade, it will be hard to say goodbye.
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  15. Ohkay thanks a lot for that ill google them :)
  16. Oh man, saw a white/red Megelli 250 parked in the city today. Such a beautiful looking bike, it looks like a baby Daytona 675R. Shame they don't have much a reputation and probably runs like chit. Can't say I've done much research into the bike though - but your best bet is to stick with a more popular bike - better resale value too !
  17. I know ay looks really eye catching! But I've goto go quality over looks I reckon! :)
  18. ^^^ You hit the nail on the head with that comment Woolle. Quality AND Reliability. I was walking the dog yesterday and there was one in a car park so I took a peek. Looks reasonable from a distance but seemed to lack the finish of a Jap/Euro bike. I can't say anything about its reliability as there appears to be bugger-all people around with one (and willing to speak up). I don't know what they cost but I'd be willing to bet the TCO of one would end up exceeding that of the Ninja 300 if you kept one long enough.
  19. Thanks =]
    Yer went and had a look at one again today and its only there look, and $5870 for a brand spanking new bike really? gotta be something fishy about em!
  20. There was YouTube reviews people had done basically expressing their frustration at such an amazing looking bike seemingly rushed into production before ironing out some kinks such as the handlebars hitting controls when at full turn and not enough clearance/ scraping of pegs well before it probably should ....again your better off searching YouTube for this and this was regarding the 2010 models and I'm only working off memory of said videos from that year not the current model - things might have changed but I doubt it...if the company truly valued its reputation it would have solved this issue before releasing the bike into the market initially.....so can you really trust a company that doesn't seem to give a shit about what it's selling?