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Newbie on the Block

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by QueenAnkly, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys :D God I have no idea what to say or what I'm doin!!
    I live in Melbourne and ride a Z1000.
    I'm doing the whole Netrider thing for the first time solo, my boyfriend used to do all the perusing, research and mechanical stuff and just pass on the good bits. But seeing as we are no longer I figure it's about time I jumped on myself.
    Being a chick, I dont get taken very seriously at most bike shops, so I'm hoping that Netrider advice will help minimise the pain of dealing with them.
    - By the way I was wondering what the deal was with rides/meets organised on Netrider, invitation wise?
    See ya on the road :wink:

  2. Welcome first of all.

    There are heaps of girls on this forum and they're all treated as equals here (that means we bag them out just like we bag out the guys)

    Feel free to ask for advice/help. There are dozens of experienced and knowledgeable people here who love dishing it out (advice, that is)

    As for events/rides etc. Just watch the forum and rock up. You don't need an invitation. You're one of us and you're welcome.

    Ride safe!
  3. yeah, welcome
    this is an equal-opportunity forum; we insult everyone equally?!
    Seriously, ask, tell, question and challenge. None of us know all the answers but in the words of the good book "In the multitude of counsel there lacks not wisdom"
  5. Howdy and welcome to the forums. As for the above quote, if you see it posted, consider it an invite, also since you in Melbourne you should pop along to this,
    and put some faces to names. Unfortunately due to lack of night vision i cant make it to coffee at this time of the year, but I may hook a tram down and catch up with people tonight.
  6. QueenAnkly wrote

    You will fit right in then :LOL: :LOL: . Welcome to netrider :D .
  7. WELCOME!!

    Good to see your enthusiastic :D

    Yeah, come along to some coffee nights, all is welcome (as i have recently found everyone is friendly... even Sobil and his missing screen :p )

    Sure i'll be seeing you around (most likely in your revision mirrors on my little 250 ;) )

  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. Before the insults start flying, and seeing as though Im a virgin here, could someone tell me how to do that white box quote thing? I tried pressing the "quote" box in the right hand corner of message but I didnt get the white box thingy, only a messed up version of the quote.
    Eloquent aren't I....
    Might see you at southbank tonight :p Oh and Booga if it makes you feel better I can push the Zed alongside you while your riding that way you'll see more than just the Zed's sweet arse :LOL: :wink:
  9. I'll hold my tongue and refrain from commmenting on this one :p :LOL:

    Welcome aboard :biker:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :shock: :p ....
  11. Hey, how come she can say "arse", but I can't say "fcuk"? [-X
  12. That messed up version of the quote is the HTML code used to create the quote box on the forum display. All you have to do is start typing underneath all that...and i quote:
    and you will get exactly what you see in my post here!! I hope i explained that so you understand. If in doubt just give it a go!!
  13. Hi QueenAnkly, as another newbie I say welcome, these are great forums for info and a laugh, have fun.
  14. QueenAnkly welcome to the forums
  15. {quote="QueenAnkly"}quoted text goes here{/quote} and replacing the curly brackets with square brackets