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Newbie on Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RIDDLER, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    My name is Michael and I've just gotten my hands on a Suzuki GS500F and love it every time I wrap my legs around the bike.
    Very much new to riding, and still getting the hang of the clutch and manual shifting (had learners for a few months)..

    I'm not riding with much gear at the moment, just a helmet, due to short funds, but looking at some leather gear this weekend, and hoping to expand my experience outside of the local streets and some quiet streets once I've got some proper protection on me...

    Regardless, love it, and it's all I think about when I get home!!
  2. Welcome to NR Michael
  3. Welcome Michael!
    I've just joined too! I'm loving it so far! I got my Ls middle of this week. I'm trying to find a GS500 too, from what I've read they are a really good learners bike, I've just gotta get enough money! Enjoy the site!
  4. Stop riding until you have gear. Gear is so cheap, a textile jacket, kevlar jeans, boots and gloves van be had for about $400-$500.

    You MUST go and buy gear, also keeps you warm!

    If you can't afford that, get on Gumtree and hunt for low cost gear.
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  5. Welcome Riddler.

    I'd have to agree with the call for getting your gear; you know you can buy a set of two-piece leathers brand-new on eBay for $290, delivered...... (see my thread "el Cheapo leathers"???
  6. Hi michael, i'm michael also and have a gs500 as well.

    welcome to the forums, plenty of info on here and helpful people... i agree with the other blokes, get yourself some gear as soon as possible.
  7. welcome bloke,
    - get some gloves at least..
    if you fell of even low speed will you put your hand out ? the answer is yes.
    noob to noob advice.
  8. Welcome - stop riding - buy gear - then start riding....your more likely to **** up in the early days...more of a reason to protect yourself...even simple **** ups cant hurt ALOT
  9. just remember that any bike can speed so watch your self
  10. ++1 Get Protective gear first.

  11. If you can't afford gear some of us here have gear we no longer need and can't be arsed selling.

    I have a reasonable jacket (reasonable meaning better than the hoodie you are wearing now) and if you want to come to my place in Concord, Sydney you can have it for nix, size is XXL.

    I paid $50 for it used when I bought my son's scooter but the wannabee armani wearing super model he is just looked at it like it was made of dogshit, lol!

    Again, come and collect it if you want but I can not ship it, cheers.

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  12. Hello and welcome!
    I'm riding a naked GS500 :)
  13. Hello and welcome, like the others said, get some gear. There are places like Bikers Gear and AMX that have decent stuff at lower prices than typical motorbike shops. Gloves are important, jacket, pants, boots too.
  14. Thanks for the offer Voz, that's very generous but I'm in Melbourne, and don't think it would fit. I've got gear lined up, just have to wait to pay day to pick them up from lay-by.
    Seems to be taking it's sweet time though.
  15. How do you find the naked GS500? My first preference was the naked model, but they only had them in my area with the fairings. Tried a few other bikes, and I'm a tall-ish guy, so as soon as I sat on a GS500, I said "job done" and didn't think twice about the CBRs/Ninjas/etc...
  16. I bought some Dainese leather gloves (and spent way too much on a visor) on the weekend.
    I guess my eager-ness have overtaken my intelligence this time. Just too keen to learn and get on the roads.
    I've only been riding out the local shops and no main roads, but I take everyone's point above and will refrain from getting on the bike until I have some gear.

    I've been looking for what gear feels comfortable, and comparing that to my budget. My leathers are all on lay-by and I'm just waiting for pay day to come so I can go out that little bit further.

    But as above, point taken.
  17. AMX is awesome! I've been comparing all types of gear and prices for months, online and in store, and I got an awesome deal at AMX.
    They might be last season stock, but love the discounted price, especially for the entry-level rider!
  18. Yeah when you are tall a lot of the LAMS bikes seem way too small.
  19. I know you probably know this already, but I would definitely recommend the GS500 for a learner. I tried a whole range of bikes, then sat on a GS500 and I knew instantly it was what I wanted. Especially for us newbies, who are most likely going to damage the clutch, the bike is very forgiving..

    Good luck!!
  20. Id recommend the cb400 personally but thats cause i ride one (faster LAMs bike u can buy muahaha) haha :)