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Newbie old girl Hills Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Oldmaid, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Well bit the bullet and got my Ls 10 weeks ago and my little Wasabi (Ninja 300) 8 weeks ago. Teaching myself and hate to think what bad traits I am gaining. I had been talking about getting a bike for about 35 years, having been a pillion in another lifetime, but always had sh*t put on me about it as no one else I currently know rides, but now here I am I have done it! Would love a small group to go on weekend rides with. Doing okay but have had a few of what I call biblical moments- mostly when I take a corner too quick, sit up and lose focus. Must admit I have lost my temper a few times with idiot drivers and have had a stand up slanging match after one woman nearly clipped my front tyre cutting inside of me on a curve!!! :devil:

    But I do rally really love my riding and it is the one thing (apart from the occasional incident as above), that I find so relaxing and enjoyable. I really regret leaving it until I am so old to get a license- hopefully I have a few good years of riding left in me yet...;) P's are the next challenge.

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  2. Welcome aboard, plenty of Sydney siders on here to ride with.
  3. We're all spring chickens with our helmets on!

    Welcome Molly, and after 8 weeks of self training join the Homebush group for some expert tuition and practice. All the best.
  4. Welcome along to Netrider, I love your enthusiasm! As for old, well, riding keeps you young.....
  5. Welcome!

    Hope to see you at the Homebush training sessions! - See separate forum for more details.
  6. welcome aboard
  7. Thanks for the welcome! One thing I have especially loved since throwing the leg over so to speak, is the cameraderie amongst fellow bikers. Most give a nod or raise a hand- love it. Makes me feel like part of a big family. Went for ride tonight for about 2 hours. great way to blow work out of my head for a while- have hit 1300 kms now so think it may be time to start commuting by bike occasionally as well - the tolls are a killer though- $17 for a tank a fortnight but almost $260 a fortnight in tolls M2+Lane Cove tunnel + harbour tunnel and back -just isn't right- can't think of a more straight forward way to get from Hills to Randwick....
  8. Hey Jeffco are you a Hills lad?
  9. Welcome @Mizmolly@Mizmolly, I'm in the Hills Area, so if your ever keen for a quick ride let me know :)
  10. I am but my hills are in Melbourne
  11. Welcome to NR...
  12. Always up for a ride Enrgkid- although may not be able to keep up with someone with enrg in their name...:pbut always happy to give it a go!! I better to get a mood and a photo going as well...never been one for emoticons (probably an age thing) but why not?(y)
  13. Hi Mizmolly, and welcome.

    I dunno what stage you are at with riding, but, if/when you get the ability and confidence o filter safely, you'd be mad to pay all those tolls.

    Because of the Lane Cove Tunnel, Lane Cove Road has a lovely Bus Lane....which we are allowed to use.... for nothing.

    I admit that you are kind of stuck for the Harbour Bridge or Tunnel toll, but, back when I commuted into the city, I used to go to work over the (free) Gladesville Bridge, and go home across the Harbour Bridge..... I guess it was my canny Scottish ancestry showing.

    Remember, bus lanes are ours......well, except those on the M2.
  14. Those pesky m2 bus lanes! Always so tempting
  15. Hey CrazyCam
    Very very green learner - had bike for ~9 weeks now and L's for 3 months today ( thought it was only 10 wks)- woohoo- can book my P's now .
    I thought the Lane Cove bus lane says buses only...which having recently sat the dreaded L's test means no taxis, hire cars or motorbikes...as only 4 points until I get my blacks too nervous to risk ( I recently got pinged at a red light/speed camera and nearly wept tears of blood...was four weeks ago now so all limbs crossed as still no notice has turned up)
    Why are you depressed???? Have bike will travel no?
  16. OMG just went on line to RMS and found only one weekend day free until end of year to do MOST...Sunday 23 November- so took it. Better start practising the old slow turns- my stops are fine- have had to hit the picks a few times in traffic already plus have practised that a fair bit but the slow turns around stuff will need refinement- can go in shopping centres and driveways etc at ~5km/hr. Better get a jiggle on and head out to Homebush ASAP...
  17. Sounds like a plan and well worth the time and effort utilising the experience of the guys who volunteer there and do a great job.
  18. OK, maybe a bit early for you to start lane splitting like a looney.

    Aye, it's a bit of a dog's breakfast...... one bit is Bus Lane then it suddenly becomes Bus Lane Only, mostly just before traffic lights.

    For reasons unknown, heading into Lane Cove from Epping/Beecroft/Hills is simpler than the return....<shrug>

    Got pinged for what? Running too late or too fast? Anyhow, with luck, you seem to have got away with it, but running too late, you really have to work on.

    Well, my Gilera scooter is not available at the moment....it's in for a service.
    The BMW and the Cagiva are both available, but...... tomorrow, I have an appointment with a cadio-vascular surgeon and the wife is coming with me, so A, I am scared shitless, and B, I won't be able to lie about what the doc said.....
  19. Crazycam, fingers crossed for good news- having someone there to listen is the best thing even if you can't tell fibs after... If you have questions now, write them down and take with you tomorrow-better still give them to your wife to ask! I can't say not to be scared but truly a lot of cardio tinkering is day surgery if needed at all and you will be back on one of your 'holy trinity' sooner than you think. Keep us posted
    PS i am 1/4 Scots but take after the extravagant other 3/4 I think