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Newbie number 9835754....12358, how many bike km question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Al Bundy, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Ive been saving and reading netrider about bikes for 6 months now so thought it was about time i said hi.
    I got a helmet and boots yesterday and will hopefully order the rest of my gear by the end of the week.. then off to get my L's.
    This sites been great for reasearching and has probably already saved me a few hundred from reading the best places to shop and what to get, so thanks :grin: :grin:

    A quick question, (and i did have a quick search, maybe i need some lessons).
    When buying a second hand bike, is there any way to tell if a bikes done 50,000 or 150,000 etc if theres no service history?
  2. Basically you can only do it by looking at the odometre and the overall condition of the bike You will find unless you are buying a really old bike most of them wont have gone over the clock anyway and your best bet is to take someone with you that knows bikes if your looking in Melbourne as I dont know where the sundrland shire is I will give you some help if you dont know anybody down your way just pm me if you need some help :grin:
  3. Just don't buy your bike from Sumoto, and you can be pretty confident the odometer is right :LOL:
  4. Thanks TAZMAN for the offer, im in sydney,
    I wont be getting a bike for probably about a month or so yet but just been looking around,
    I know the average car km per year is ~20,000
    but ive been looking at 96 to 98 bikes with about 50,000 ks.
    After being ripped off with a couple of cars and learning from my mistakes with them, now im worried ill have the same cycle happen with bikes... i hate scammers that deliberately rip off people that dont know better
  5. Im sure you will get some help up there mate but if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask
    The Ks dont matter so much if the bike was looked after while it was doing those miles just make sure you check the basics like chain, sprokets, brakes, the oil colour and stuff like that
  6. Quiz the seller relentlessly. The more questions you ask (and the more detailed the questions asked are, the better) the more likely the seller will let something slip if they are holding anything back.
  7. I never pay much attention to the mileage on bikes or cars. I think that the overall condition of the vehicle is more important. If you inspect it thoroughly (or get someone with the necessary expertise to do it for you), the mileage is not important except where it affects the price.
  8. Hi Al

    Jaqhama lives in the shire and knows his bikes. I live in Wollongong but work in the shire, so I'd be happy to help too. Just give us a hoy.

    As a starter, you could consider a Honda Spada from Caringbah Motorcycles, that way you can get your bike serviced where you bought it. Steve imports Spadas directly from Japan so he can vouch for their condition......
  9. That might be a little bit of wishful thinking there, dan. I'd say judge the odometer vs the age: a 1990 model bike with 15,000km on the clock is likely bullshit. And if it's legit, the bike will be looking in fantastic condition, and should still have OEM tyres, chain & sprockets... particularly if it's a 250.
  10. Thanks guys for the help, thats really what i thought was the case but its good to be certain.. Ive had a quick look at Caringbah Motorcycles before but will probably go for a private sale.
    At the moment(things may change due to availability) im thinking of getting a suzuki across due to the price, looks and a big bonus is the convenience as it will probably become my gf's bike when im finished with it in 18months and she seems to take the kitchen sink with her everywhere..
    Thanks :grin: :grin:
  11. Hi mate and welcome.

    Come along to a coffee night ,and check out some bikes and talk to the other leaners ,and see what bikes we got for the price and condition ect.
    You will get lots of tips on bikes and riders gear and the L lesson ect.
    Just come along in your car or if no car the train goes to the front door .
  12. Check log books - and again the overall condtion of the bike.

    Dealers won't be too much more expensive, as there will be plenty of well maintained bikes sold by a dealer and they may also sell you some gear cheap to get the sale.