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Newbie, not yet riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by swannysan, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Hey All,
    Just got my learner's. Been researching gear and whatnot, when I came across this forum. Treasure trove of information!

    I am looking at getting a Honda VTR250 as my first bike.

    Hope to learn alot more!
  2. Welcome to NR
  3. Welcome to Nr, where do you hail from?
  4. welcome, and good call for the 1st bike as well :D
  5. From Melbourne, Goddie. How about yourself?
  6. Yep in Melbourne as well, was going to ask, if you're looking for a bike, theres a few people selling hat meet up at the learners prac sessions on sat mornings, if you want to get down to St Kilda Marina on Beach rd just behind the BP Servo, sat mornings from 10am we have 40 bikes turn doing cone weaving, emergency braking and general chit chat, alot of experinced riders passing info on to learners, Dave n Doug are the generals there with all the knowledge, you're welcome to come down.
  7. Welcome to NR.

    I agree to with what Goddie suggested. Saturday sessions are a wealth of knowledge.

    Doug & Dave have imparted a lot wisdom in the few sessions I've attended. (y)
  8. I am going to practice a bit by myself first, just to get experience so I can actually ride down there.
  9. where do you live? we have people escorting new learners down there and back..
  10. Kensington. But I haven't done ANY riding outside of the learners course, so some car park practice seems wise
  11. Kensington's a nice spot!! Lets see there was a guy that WAS coming down last saturday, ascot vale I think he's from said that he rode round the showgrounds as practise..
    Find quiet steets and or large empty car parks, dont try to ANYTHING fast, at first its all nerves but eveutally you will relaxe and enjoy yourself. Knowing how stop safely is more important then cranking the throttle and going fast!! Sat morning prac sessions are priceless for these lessons, but do things at your pace, when you feel ready to ride down, let us know!! If you can get to keilor park drive, on a sunday arvo, no traffic behind AMX !! streets there are deserted so you can prac your riding there too.
  12. I am lucky enough that near the station, there are these industrial warehouse, which are relatively deserted on weekends and are a short ride. I should be able to just ride around those streets and their car parks. I also know along dynon road, there are a set of buildings with a H shaped carpark, should be good for practicing turns and shifting. I am lucky enough that my neighbor has a fair bit of riding experience, so I can always ask him to ride the bike to the carpark and I follow on a push bike if I am too nearvous.