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Newbie not yet riding...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by adrianb, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Heyas,

    About to embark on grabbing my license in Vic in the next couple months and researching rides and gear and came across this forum.

    Really interested in one of the XVS650 Customs for a little bit of burbs-city commuting in fair weather and some weekend rides :)

    Forum looks great and has already been a great source of info as well as inspiration!
  2. Welcome :)
    Have you considered an XV535 - they are faster, lighter, and use less petrol.
    I really really want to see one in the flesh :(
  3. Hey,

    Welcome to NR !

    If your a crusier rider youll be hard pressed to find a nicer bike ;P, I rode a few before deciding on a 2011 XVS650 Custom myself. Similar type of rider, dry weather commuting and weekends.

    Apples for apples if you want one of the largest capacity LAMS approved crusiers your on the money. Comfortable, fuel economy isnt bad I average 4 - 4.5L/100, 13L tank with 3L reserve gives you a fair range. Shaft drive makes sure the weights down low so they handle easily and well.

    Good luck with the L permit and ride safe! P.s Check the for sale thread there is a second hand XVS for sale ... Classic :D

    See you out on the road and at the learner basics if ya can make it !
  4. Adrian, another XVS650 rider here and have to say that I love that bike. Myself, Marty, Kingpin & Rusti have got this bike and a few other NR members have used it in the past and they have all loved it.

    Am yet to hear any negative news about it so you are heading in the right path. :)

    As Marty said, check the bikes for sale section and it's a well kept bike. We all know her and can vouch that the bike has been well looked after.
  5. Hi adrianb and welcome to NR
  6. Hi adrian and welcome to NR, I used to ride an XVS650 classic, in facy one for sale on the site with same color scheme that Hawklord is selling, nice bike to cruise on, enjoy the ride and check her crusier out too!!
  7. welcome adrian and goodluck with your upcoming ride!