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Newbie, North Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phil C, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. I live in Brisbane and just bought a 2005 Triumph Speedmaster which needs tidying up.
    I haven't had a bike in Australia since 2000, although I rode a bike around Saigon for 10 years (came back to Brisbane 4 years ago).
    So the Speedmaster is a bit of a project for me, and I would welcome any comments re best places to get Triumph parts and repairs in Brisbane. Or on-line places for non-urgent items.

  2. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Please post up some pictures once you are able to (you need a certain number of posts etc). Would love to see the project taking shape
  3. Welcome mate, cool project :cool:
  4. Well, I'm not planning anything too drastic, but the angle grinder will be coming out over the next couple of weeks - mostly cosmetic work
  5. Cosmetic work with an angle grinder! I'd like to see that. :woot: Welcome to NR Phil CPhil C.
  6. Yes. I'll try to keep the grinder away from the tank and the electrics
  7. Welcome Phil CPhil C , and good luck with this project bike :)
    You should be able to find plenty of useful info on the site; just needs a bit of digging about!

    See you upright :)
  8. Thanks Valvoline. I certainly wouldn't want to go horizontal on a Speedster
  9. gday Phil CPhil C and welcome to NR! as George says please get some pics up when you can, most of us here are voyeurs.
  10. G'day PhilCPhilC, welcome to Netrider.
  11. welcome aboard :)