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Newbie Needs Some Tips! - Helmet/Jacket/Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by alexandre, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. So i checked out a couple of stores this weekend to start looking into accessories for my impending bike purchase.

    conclusions and decision that i wanted to bounce off the experienced guys.

    For Helmet - I was looking at the Arai Vector 2 and the Shark Vision R. I really like the Vision R for it's features. The tined lens is obviously very cool. The larger opening helps as i'm a learner. And the glasses friendly feature also helpful, as i'd wear glasses most the time when riding. The Arai seemed cool too, but was more exxy, and didn't have a large an opening.

    My one issue with the Shark, which i was hoping to get opinions on is: One of the guys in the shop said, that as they gutted a bit out of the helmet to put in the visor, it may not be the safest. He said that by inserting that visor, the foam protection, instead of being 25mm, could be reduced to 10mm, which in a crash could be an issue. Thoughts on that?

    Jacket - looked at the Ixon alloy, and the Rjays Octane. Both are about the same price. After reading the posts here, seems like RJays are inferior to some of the other brands. Ixon was awesome as the lining is removable (as is the rjay one) but can be worn over the jacket too. Also like the sleek look of the IXON more.

    Gloves - liking the short glove Alpine GPX. the five glove has better protection on the palm (carbon insert), but knuckle part seemed too plasticy. Haven't decided either way, need to first decide on leather of more of a summer glove.

    For jeans, the guy said Draggin are the one CE approved. Is there much different between them, and cheaper ones?

    thoughts, ideas, suggestions ?

    If i was to walk in tomorrow, it would be the Shark Vision R, IXON Alloy Jacket, and Alpine Gloves.
  2. I've got the Shark vision R (my first helmet). Interesting theory about the visor reducing protection. At the end of the day it meets the standards.

    For the jacket It would depend on your budget. I've got the RST ventilator as it has come highly recommended, might be a bit too much for you though.

    For the gloves, was it the five stunt gloves you were looking at? I've got those ones. They were the best fitting ones i could find which had good knuckle and palm coverage that wasn't above $100.

    What stores were you looking in?
  3. welcome to NR, get hold of Takamii, sells helmets, gloves, jeans and he provides great service and good quality products. worth a try..
  4. From OP post and the ONLY the options given:

    Helmet = Arai over Shark
    Jacket = Ixon over Rjays
    Gloves = NOT A* - +1 Takamii (Thank Goddie for that one (y))
    Jeans = Draggin' all the way - I have owned Sartso, Hornee and Draggin' - Hands down Draggin' are the best and worth the extra dollars.....

    Welcome to NR - enjoy the ride and be safe
  5. Hey,

    I would not go Shark by any means over Arai as Shark use the same size helmet for all models and the only way they 'change size' is they use different amounts of padding. Arai/Shoei/AGV all use different size helmets which have a better fit to them. Also how much is your head worth? I spent $900 on my first helmet (my head only fit the newest model of the Shoei) so that's what I bought and it's a beautiful helmet. Especially since I bought the anti fog clip in.
    With gloves I personally go for any with at least hard protection on the top knuckles and that give a good feel. Gloves are really here nor there for a lot of people but I bought Dainese for summer gloves and M2R for winter gloves.
    Draggin Jeans make some great jeans and comfortable ones and they have a better fit then other brands for my body at least. The difference is quite minimal with a cheaper brand but they may look quite cheap if your worried about fashion lol.
    Where a bouts do you live?

    Hope some of that info is useful. It may not be but it's what I do so thought I would throw my opinions in if it helped.
  6. thanks daytona - that was helpful

    i actually bought the Shark yesterday, so 1 day too late! i like i though.

    For gloves and jeans, im anxiously awaiting Takamii's gear to be ready!

    I'm in Bondi. Pick up my bike today or tomorrow. suzuki Gladius sfv650 LAMS :)
  7. haha woops. Shark are ok but just keep in mind for next helmet then. The cheaper ones use 1 size mould to fit all sort of deal. In the end as long as it's comfy and up to regulations and your happy with it and how much you spent then it's all good.
    I wanted to get a Gladius but alas I got a CBR250R and that thing is fun and loud. I have red lined it at 19k rpm down the city streets in Melbourne as retarded pedestrians walk when they shouldn't so it scares them a lot and all I do is laugh. :D
    I would have suggested some Vic shops but kinda pointless now :p