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newbie needs some advice.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bikemike, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. I just found this site yesterday and it seems the perfect place for me as i am intersested in buying my first bike but i wouldn't know where to start. From what i've gathered the vtr250 seems like a great choice. I have been advised that a trail bike is a good learning bike as they are inexpensive to buy and hold up well when they are dropped. Yet others have told me the opposite saying they are poor on the road. Any advice?

  2. A vtr250 sounds fine to me. If it's your first bike try a few on for size before you buy. get something that feels comfortable. Don't buy new for the same reason most people don't buy a new car as soon as they get a licence, unless you have lots of money to spare. If your only going to ride on the road then stick with a road bike as you should get used to a bike in the style that you intend to ride in the future. If you are thinking of mixing your riding then look for a bike that might do both moderately well. Get advice from your local bike shop.

    Welcome to the forum, and the wonderfull world of riding. Enjoy.
  3. thanks mate. Yeah i don't have a great deal of money to throw around so i won't be buying new anyhow. I don't have any gear yet so i'm making it my priority to get some quality gear first and see how much i have left to spend on a bike.
    I'm not sure if i'm better saving for a decent bike that will last me a couple of years or spending 2k on an old bike to learn on and upgrade a little later. Either way i can't wait.
  4. [best pauline hanson voice] Please explain??

    I've a 91 Across and have no trouble getting support, even here in Tas.

  5. MLC was attempting to be funny but failed dismally as this thread comes under the new riders and tips forum and should be taken seriously :wink:
    His post has been duly edited :p ;)
  6. Oh OK, didn't see a smiley so I thought it was serious :shock:

    bloody jealous heathens... :wink:

  7. Fine?




    Some people just have no taste!! :eek:
  8. Ok. I was wrong. I should have said "little support" (at least around here) and I was going to add the smiley but had to dash and in my rush to finish the post forgot.

    Whats wrong with fine? Now if I had put it in the same sentance as "Across" then you would have cause to complain.
  9. Alright then, fair enough..... but hey, I nearly bought one of them before I saw the VTR250 :shock:
  10. ooooh the natives are getting restless.

    i scabbed my mates across while i was on my l's, bloody awesome bike. the helmet boot (and i use the word 'helmet' loosely as it never goes in there) is fantastic. even with a great huge fat bastard on it i still got it up to 150kph :) i still love to ride that little beasty.

    but it all comes down to your taste naked, sport etc. whats most comfortable and performs the way you want it to.

    ride as many as you can and decide for yourself which one fits the bill.
  11. As to spend up now or wait a while - I'd suggest you wait until you are off restrictions before planning to spend serious money on a bike. Few people keep their 2fiddy after they get their full license (Debs and up until recently Glen excepted). You will find that as your confidence grows you will come to find the limits of the bike more easily until it becomes annoying. 2fiddies are great learning tools and not bad little commuters either but you may find the lack of oomph (technical term) a hinderance when you become mildly competant.
  12. G'day Mike! Welcome!!

    Are you going for your open license? I see from your info on the side that you're from QLD and I know that Q-ride has the two levels of licensing. If you do go for your opens, you may like to look at some older but larger capacity bikes that will keep you going for a couple of years.

    :D :D :D
  13. I rode around on a VTR250 today while my Blade was being serviced, it was great fun and superb for filtering through traffic with the smaller dimensions but I was glad to get my Blade back. :p

    Now for a learner bike, bikemike, you should have a read of the below threads to catch up with previously posted wisdom/drivel. Mostly threads started by new members looking for their first bike but some are speficly about VTR250s as well.





















    That should keep ya pretty busy for a little while. :D
  14. One other thought....from what I understand most of the grey imports (Bikes that are imported into the country by someone other than the Manufacturer.) are brought into QLD mainly, so you should have a pretty decent selection cheaper bikes up there, especially if the 250cc bikes aren't a requirement up there for learners.

    The only thing to watch out with that is the insurance cost/availability on Grey imports is pretty bad...best to check that out on any model you are interested in before you lay down any cash. VTR250 isn't a grey import so that shouldn't be too much of a problem but probably a good idea to check with a few insurance companies for prices.

    Easiest way to do that is to check out a few insurance companies is to look at the Links Directory (link is in the menu on the left of this page) and check out the insurance section.
  15. thanks for all those links matt232. I have been reading many of the threads that have been posted on this site and the general consensus for 250's does seem to be the vtr.

    Yeah i am from queensland and i have my opens (car) so i wouldn't be restricted to lower powered bikes, but i do feel it would probably be best to start out on something smaller even though the choice is there.