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newbie needs help taking off from steep hills

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by karcpa, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. ok...i've got my learners, bought a pretty good bike (vn250) well good for a begginer anyway, can handle ok cornering, braking etc.. but,
    please tell me what the correct procedure is for taking off from a steep hill (as all the traffic lights are on very steep hills in my area)...do i use foot brake, hand brake, hold bike with clutch, ... i find that this is the only time i stall..and i dont like stalling

  2. Keep your foot on the rear brake and take off normally releasing pressure on the rear brake as the clutch comes out.
  3. As Vic says. Foot on brake, ease out clutch with a few revs up. You will feel the clutch engage, when it does, release the brake. This technique can be practised on the flat. You'll need a few more revs on the hills.
  4. If it's stalling, you're not using enough revs and letting the clutch out too quickly.
    Hold it on the hill with the rear brake, apply sufficent throttle (more than half of maximum revs, depends on bike), slowly let clutch out until it starts to move forward, then slowly release rear brake while letting the clutch out gradually.
    Plenty of revs are your friend.

    Practice lots in quiet area's- there's nothing worse than stalling the bike at traffic lights while desperately trying to do a hill start.
  5. thanks for all those replies,

    looks like practice makes perfect
  6. listen to the engine revs die down as the clutch is disingaged and slowly release the back brake and take off as per normal. Practise in a carpark as to where the engine engages by standing up in the saddle( both feet on the ground) and seeing where the bike justs starts to move under neath you. :cool:
  7. Someone asked this a while ago, I remember someone recommending practicing hillstart technique by just starting on flat in second gear, similar thing.
  8. i stalled the '6 for the 1st time last weekend at portarlington, had never been there before let alone on a bike and was going to this caravan park, and i took a wrong turn (to the wrong park) and when i went to come back up the hill i had to stop at a roundabout and couldnt get going again untill i tried using the rear brake, then she went 1st go.