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Newbie needs advice on first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pete70, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Hi, yes I am totally new to the bike world and looking at buying a new bike. I would like a sporty style bike but not full blown sportsbike. Need upright seating postion( I have a shonky back) not too firm a ride, something I can use as a daily commuter. I was thinking about the Kawasaki ER-6f,Suzuki GSX500f(anyone ride these?), ive only looked on the internet, not been to any shops. im 6ft2, 75kgs
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    I will mention I dont really like the look of the honda cb, vtr style of bike, its really only the front circular headlight that puts me off(older style look),which is a shame cos it sounds like a great bike. I dont think I could live with it, the look is very important.
    Hope I havent offended any cb,vtr fans

  2. Hi and welcome Pete. What will this mechanical beast be used for?
    If you are green to bikes have a good think about buying used.
  3. Thanks Chris
    Well it will be used for a bit of everything, to and from work, weekend fun and freeway cruising
  4. I forgot to mention I am open to a low km used bike
  5. I think you mean the GS500F? I have one, is my first bike. Great on posture as its upright compared to actual sports bikes(its classed as a sports tourer). Ive never gotten a sore back from it. It will also be big enough for you considering your height. Also great for commuting, its very nimble for a mid range weight bike. I get to easily 350km from one tank before hitting reserve. Will get over well over 400km on a full tank. Its also great in the twisties and holds its own agaisnt those bigger meaner faster bikes.

    If you have any questions just pm me.
  6. thanks for your help, yeah sorry I ment the GS500f someone was calling it the GSX on the net.
    Have you had any issues with it?
    How many kms you done?
    NRMA review of this model said it was rough at take off and low speeds thanks to the carburettors. How do you find it?
    Sorry I cant PM you, it says I need at least 7 posts before I can
  7. you need a LAMS bike? the er6 isn't.
    sporty or dual purpose?
  8. If as you say you're totally new then I assume you don't have a full licence yet. That would rule Er-6 out for you, great bike though it might be :) You might want to have a look at Ninja 250 though - learner legal and though sporty-ish in look, it's a commuter bike at heart.
    Might be a bit cramped for your 6'2" though... GS500 is a great all-rounder bike as well, if you fit on it just get one. Definitely not a firm ride from what I hear :)
  9. What do you mean?
  10. I think the GSX is a 250. Its a good first bike too. Its more sportier than the trusty GS.

    No issues with it.

    The bikes done 9000kms, Ive put 3000 of those on there in a month and a half. Had no worries with it.

    Lol, the "take off" is fine I guess, I dont get sea sick from my bike so I guess it cant be that bad. Its got good torque down low too.

    Also the seat is nice and comfy, and like I said before, its a great commuter (easily 400kms from one tank) and goes well in twisities etc.

    Heres a few useful links for you

    For checking prices of new and used bikes.

    GS forum


    Model history

    One of the netrider threads

    Hope it helps.
  11. I mean some people find the suspension quite soft and easy to bottom out. For example see:
  12. Guru thanks for those links all helps.
    Do you know what the 0-100kmh test on the GS500f is?

    I have full licence and still in LAMS period, so yes the ER6f is not legal "hush hush" :grin:
    Ive only been riding scooters but have decided to change over to motorbikes so thats why I said im totally new to bikes.
    Looking at the price differences Im leaning towards the GS500f.
    Ill check out the Ninja 250, oooh yeah the pictures of it look real good!
  13. 5 seconds, according to a couple of youtube clips.
  14. Not offended...*sniff sniff*...at all... :cry: :LOL:

    It is a pity that you are disregarding a (brilliant learner) bike simply because of its headlight. I too was a scooter rider who upgraded to a proper bike and you really do need to keep in mind that your riding style will dramatically change and you need to think about the kind of bike that will allow you to progress through the skills sets you need to learn. (This includes dropping the damn thing - do you really want to be paying hundreds of dollars to replace some farings?) Also remember that in a couple of years you may want to upgrade anyway.

    Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to go out and test ride as many different bikes as you can. Or if you're not confident get someone who's opinion you trust to test ride for you.
  16. I think you should be rally sensible and.... Nah, on second thoughts be an absolute hoon and go for a Yamaha WR250X.
  17. No worries.

    Lol, not too sure, I'll test it out on the way to uni tomorrow and get back to you ;)
  18. Ahh I see. I've never had a prob with it bottoming out cause the lady I bought my bike off said she had the front fork replaced or tweaked or something. I had no idea what she was going on about at the time, but once I actually started riding I understood what she was saying.
  19. hehe, good luck, I look forward to your test results :)