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Newbie needs a bit of help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by irachi, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. 1989 ZX2R 250, 30,000kms
    My bike has been sitting in the garage for about 6 months due to my knee reconstruction, now getting it ready for the road.
    I have done an oil change (and new filter), jump started it & had it running for about 10 mins then let it settle.
    Jump started again & it was running really rough. Tried to rev it, it felt like it wasn't firing right, rev's wouldn't go over 2-3k. Then it would backfire a little & be ok. But left running for 10 minutes then it died. Repeated this 3-4 times.
    It is possible its the battery, going to charge it overnight.
    Is there anything else I should check?
    I am very new at all this, my ex used to do all the maintenance for me, so I am a bit ignorant!

  2. Tank off, drain the stale fuel that's in there, and put fresh fuel in.

    Might be worth draining the carby bowls while you're at it (you're on your own there - I've got no idea how on a ZX2R.. :oops: )
  3. +1

    This is more than likely stale fuel or water in the fuel system. Another possibility could be moisture in the electrical system but unlikely to be battery if it cranked and started OK.

    Drain fuel and new stuff as Anothermacca said and possibly give the electrics a spray with a water repellent spray like WD40 etc.

    Good luck.
  4. is taking the tank off the easiest way to drain the fuel?
    i know this may sound stupid... but can i mix some new fuel in?
  5. Is the fuel tap on? Try the prime position too.
  6. thanks 2wheels
    i have the tap turned on, tried prime too, but no difference!
  7. Fouled spark plugs

    Most likely the spark plugs are fouled (dirty) due to old fuel & just running it for 10 minutes. It may clear up if you take it for a ride once it heats up properly, otherwise the only option is to replace the spark plugs.
  8. thanks for all the info.
    i will try changing the fuel and see how that goes.
    if not maybe new spark plugs are the way to go.
  9. i've changed the fuel, but its still doing the same thing. It runs fine for a few minutes as long as the choke is on. but then it pulses but below 2000 revs, and wont budge even with the choke or accelerator.
    I am going to charge the battery and see how it goes.
  10. As said, if it cranks over, it's probably not the battery.

    Change the sparkies first and I'd say you might need a carby clean - If you're not up for that, drop some 'fuel injector cleaner' in the tank and see how that goes.
    Give your air filter a good clean too.
  11. Re: Fouled spark plugs


    If its not that id say the flux capacitor is earthing out on the warp core, use a positronic screw driver to lever them apart.
  12. Why Injector cleaner?
  13. Many people (including myself) have had success with little blockages in carbies by using injector cleaner. Ofcourse, it can't replace physically cleaning the carbs but it does help.
  14. Zealt said:
    Just make sure you don't cross the streams.

    If its cranking over and starting then it shouldn't be the battery no matter how rough it's running. The only reason you may need to charge the battery is because you are draining it because it's difficult to start. If so flat battery is a side effect of the problem, not the problem itself.

    If it was running ok before the lay up then not much will have changed except fuel going off either dumping gunk in the carby or fouling plugs. Have you checked the plugs as suggested. Pull them out and if they look dirty give a good clean and regap.
  15. thanks for all the help.
    i will pull out the plugs and check them out.
    quick question re battery, the bike won't start without a jump, however when i connect battery charger to battery it says it is fully charged? What the???
  16. Ok, you need a new battery too :grin: Its gonners.